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October 16, 2013 | My Jottings

Joni Eareckson Tada is one of my favorite people. I’ve never read a book of hers that hasn’t made me weep, exult, and yearn to be changed. I was happy to see this little video she did recently, and just had to post it, because one of my favorite people is sharing about one of my favorite things….

And while I’m at it, may I recommend one of Joni’s more recent books to you?  If you haven’t read this one, I promise it will be one you’ll want to own. You might even want to give it as a gift. If you’re a Christian, people are eventually going to ask you why a loving God allows such suffering in the world, and this book will speak to that in ways better said than almost any other book I know. (Tim Keller and Peter Kreeft do a phenomenal job of addressing this issue as well…)

And if you’d like to see if there’s a CBS class near you, click right here and look for the “Find a Class” button near the top of the page. There are daytime and evening classes available all over the world.

I’d also like to invite anyone who has been to CBS to leave a comment below and share their opinions and experiences about attending!

I hope your Wednesday is full of God’s peace,


  1. Tauni says:

    I have not had the opportunity to read anything Joni has written, but have heard her story and people have shared how her writing has touched their lives. One day, when life is not quite so hurried in my neck of the woods, I will be able to take the time I desire to read all the books I have on my list!! In the meantime, I will add the one you noted above.

    CBS, well there is a topic I love! I had joined a group when living in the mountains and it was just too difficult with the inclement weather to travel the 30+ minutes it took to get there, even though it was at the church I regularly attended. I am very grateful you gave me the prompt (push) I needed to revisit. It is once again hosted by the church I regularly attend, so God made sure I wouldn’t miss it this time around. What a blessing!! In the last five years it has captured me in a way that has made me a participant for life. This year we are doing, “A Return to Jerusalem.” We are making stops in many of the prophet books in the old testament (Daniel being one of them). I had an aha moment this week reading about Zerubbabel and how he let discouragement get the better of him when attempting to rebuild God’s Temple in Jerusalem. So much so that the building stopped for many years. I have been feeling discouraged lately and it has been very difficult to “see” past it. As always God’s word gets to the heart of the matter and while I am not always successful at first, I am not allowing discouraging times to get the better of me as much these days. We did something wonderful last night, we had our first “Fellowship” night in one of our ladies homes, not on a Bible study night. Julie, do you know if other classes do this? It was a great night that we could focus on fellowship and really get to know one another. I was so blessed and believe that as we go through the year together now our sharing will be made the richer for it. Anyway, got to get back at my day, love you my friend ~ XXOO

  2. Just Julie says:

    We did the Return to Jerusalem study a few years back and I remember it filling in so many gaps in my knowledge of Israel’s history, and how it enriched the rest of my Bible reading, Tauni. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! It’s hard to describe CBS to those who haven’t been. It’s so much more than an in depth Bible study. 🙂 We have core group luncheons once a month and I’ve always enjoyed those so much. And once every few weeks we have in group coffees, where we come 30 minutes early for coffee, tea and treats, and have a topic of discussion so we can get to know each other before we get into our study. At last week’s luncheon, our core group leader asked us to bring any picture of ourselves and tell a little about it. That is a wonderful ice breaker for a new group, and we had some good chuckles around the table. I pray for your healing and joy today, dear Taun…. xoxo

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