The Final Flock

November 23, 2009 | My Jottings

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows we have had a difficult time with getting some bird prints framed recently. You can see photos, laugh, and read about the first part here and the next (apparently funnier) installment here.

My youngest daughter Sara suggested that we take the third goldfinch print (with the largest frame) to a local framing gallery and ask if they could cut down the mat and also make the frame the same size as the smaller cardinal and bluebird.

So I called a local framer and he said it would be an easy fix (imagine that! easy!), so I brought them in. He casually and confidently measured the two that are the correct size, took the enormous one, and said it would only take him a day to fix. It didn’t even take a day; he called within hours to say it was done.

So we finally have our little flock. I’m sure three birds don’t make up a flock, but as I’ve said, I like alliteration so that’s what I came up with: The Final Flock.

Here’s what they look like, hung side by side on a wall in our living room, over a deacon’s bench.


All the same size, all looking like I had originally envisioned them and ordered them to look like…many goldfinch prints, phone calls, and FedEx deliveries ago.


My friend Becky just reminded me that while I may not have all my ducks in a row, I now have all my birds in a row.  🙂

Phew. Finally.


  1. Jessica says:

    I am now forced to admit that part of me was naturally thrilled that this finally worked out for you and part of me was a little disappointed that the local framer did it right on the first try. I have loved this saga a little too much.

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