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May 4, 2012 | My Jottings

It has been a long while since I’ve looked at the stat counter on my blog to see what search terms people are Googling that lead them by accident to

So today, since I really should be packing boxes because we’re moving in less than four weeks, and because there’s a load of laundry in the dryer that needs folding, and because there’s a mountain of paperwork to tend to, I thought I’d check for some Google giggles instead. (And while I can see Google searches, I cannot see who searches for them, in case you’re wondering.)

Below in bold are some of the exact words of recent Google searches that brought people here:

Beaver teeth braces – I remember my brother calling me Bucky Beaver before I had braces, so maybe there’s another tortured youth out there wondering if there’s orthodontic hope for her.

Just Pee Blog – I am not aware of a blog about “Just Peeing,” but I am fairly certain I would not want to visit it.

Tallest girl in class – This always brings back memories for me, because with rare exceptions, I always was. Except this year.

Men in diapers – Once again, I’m just not sure I would visit a blog that specializes in this. For me, this could be hilariously funny or heart-wrenchingly sad.

Julie Plumage – I suppose there could be worse last names. Sara and I are always asking each other questions like this: “If you had to be Sara Boop or Sara Beep, which would you choose?” and “If your name had to be Julie Gweeble or Julie Maneeble” which would you choose?” and then we laugh our heads off and think what a relief it is to have the names we do after all. I might just have to ask Sara soon, “If your name had to be Sara Plumage or Sara Feathers, which would you choose?”

Baroness Schraeder eyebrows – “Aha!” I thought…so I’m not the only one who can’t stop watching this woman’s multi-tasking eyebrows when viewing The Sound of Music!

Does Nancy Drew like peanut butter soup – This one made me laugh out loud. To think that someone wanting the answer to this question would happen upon my little blog seems so odd! And does anyone know if Nancy does or not? I read all these books when I was young, and don’t remember anything about peanut butter soup.

Just Julie matters – Sometimes I wonder if it does.

Penny Proud’s grandma bunions – Poor Penny Proud.

A squirrel with no nut – Yes, if you’re doing a report on starving squirrels, this is the blog for you.

When did I get so gray – I’m not sure, friend. Could it have been over the last few years or so? That’s when it all happened for me.

Men with sideburns broke down – Oh, dear…did the men with sideburns break down mechanically or emotionally? I’m sure my blog talks about this somewhere deep within its pages…I can’t remember where, but it must be here if Google says it is.

Tiger hairstyle – You’ve heard of the Bob, the Wedge, the Pixie – soon men and women everywhere will be asking their stylists for the Tiger.

Piggeth – How did people know that Evil Piggeth (our Schnauzer Edith’s evil twin) lives here? I try not to speak of it too often. If we even quietly say the word “Piggeth” when Edith is within hearing distance, she instantly transforms into a maniacal dog who lunges at the oven door or the glass doors in front of the fireplace, snorting and pawing at her evil twin, whose reflection she sees there.

Shy bladder CDs like Bold Bladder Work – I had no idea there were CDs out there for shy bladders. I had no idea there were shy bladders in the first place. Or bold bladders for that matter. Do you have a bold bladder or a shy one?

Why does water come out of my eye when I use a Neti Pot – Yikes…that sounds like a question for your brain surgeon to help you with. We hope your recovery goes well.

Phobia of muskrats – I think my friend Jessica T. must have typed this phrase on Google.

Middle aged mother – Yes, this one I completely understand. I am one.

Today I will be spending some time with Mr. McBoy as he and I continue our Swiss adventure in the wonderful book Banner in the Sky. Then I will be taking one of our dear Foster gals to her new home, to see her new room there and to spend a little time with her new Foster mom before she moves in late May. I am also behind a little on my Community Bible Study lesson and hope to spend some time on that. And dinner, oh yes, I have to feed people around here. I had a request for chili recently so maybe I’ll make that since it looks to be a cold and rainy day. And I have more things to drop off at the Goodwill, and more boxes to pack. And tomorrow morning, an old friend will be coming by so we can start a Bible study together – this one.  I’ve never done a study by Stormie but I look forward to this one. And oh, has anyone out there ever seen “Bleak House”?  Michael and I just finished watching every episode (took us a while) and I loved it. (You can see the trailer here.) Now I’ve downloaded this Dickens book to my Kindle and started reading. Yesterday I took Michael for a follow-up appointment with our family doctor, and we both left there in slightly less cheer than when we arrived. Michael was very (understandably) resistant to the word walker and did not want to have his blood drawn, and I quickly fell prey to my icky default mode of thinking which is never good, the kind with self-focused ruminations like, Ihatethisthisistoohard and Iwishsomeonewouldtakecareofmeforachange, which is never, ever productive.

Anyway, checking once in a while to see what people are Googling usually brings a smile. If times get really hard, it helps to remember that I belong to Jesus Christ and He (wonder of wonders) belongs to me. And I don’t think He would mind that along with the scriptures I sometimes meditate on to keep me focused on what is good and true, I might also be pondering what a beaver with braces would look like, or whether or not Nancy Drew likes peanut butter soup.


  1. Jessica says:


    1) I have not actually done a search on muskrat phobias because I am afraid that if I did, a big ol’ picture of a muskrat would appear! YIKES!

    2) Do you mean to tell me that you’ve never heard of bashful bladder? I don’t have one, I can pee anywhere (and I think the Just Pee Blog sounds hilarious! But I am also afraid that I may have recently turned into a junior high boy based on the things I have found funny…). Anyway, I do know of lots of people with bashful bladder. You know, they can’t pee if someone else is in the bathroom, or they can’t go unless they turn on the water in the sink so that no one can hear them…

    3) I have been meaning to ask you how many of your foster ladies were moving with you…

    4) I am sorry to hear about Michael’s appointment… You seem so good at relying on the promises of God during those discouraging times. Love you my friend.

  2. Just Julie says:

    I might be sending you some muskrat links so be careful, Jessica. I understand what you’re saying about bladders now, but to have a CD for them? That strikes me as so funny. Thank you for your kind thoughts as always, Jessica. LY2…

  3. Kay in UK says:

    Oh Julie, I feel so sorry for Michael. I suppose I can sympathise with him a little because today I was told by my doctor that recent x-rays show that I now need to use a stick when walking. How can this be? Okay, my hair is starting to produce its own ‘silver’ highlights and I need to ask myself if I need to use the bathroom before I go out, but, I am only 52 years old (okay, hitting 53 next month!). Inside I am only 35-ish. What helps me is knowing that Alan loves me whatever, and I’m sure that your love for Michael is just as important to him.
    You are both in our prayers.
    (I wrote this comment before I read the other comments, bladders seem to be getting a lot of attention here!)

  4. Just Julie says:

    Thank you Kay. I know just what you mean about having a husband who loves you no matter what, and feeling the same way for him. I feel like I’m in my late thirties in some ways too – except for the knees. Thank you for your prayers and friendship, dear Kay. I’m so sorry about the stick! May you feel stickless inside. 🙂

  5. Ganeida says:

    lol All I get are links to celebrities performing strange & unnatural acts in the all~to~gether! I’ll take the muskrats any day.

  6. Just Julie says:

    Yikes Ganeida! Oh I get it – it’s the knots, isn’t it? How funny. Thinking about you and yours every single day. xxoo

  7. Ember says:

    Julie – how do you get so much done? Just reading about it makes me feel tired. U r a human dynamo! x

  8. Just Julie says:

    If you were a fly on my wall, you would see nothing resembling a dynamo. It makes me chuckle to think that anyone would describe me as such. 🙂 I’m a plodder, and I take frequent rests. If you were to walk through the house you might be thinking, “Moving in 23 days? You’d better get busy girl!” xxoo

  9. Rob Franck says:

    Those are hilarious!

  10. Just Julie says:

    They always make me chuckle too, Rob. 🙂

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