It’s Thankful Thursday again

October 23, 2008 | My Jottings

Last week I introduced a weekly feature on the blog here. I know I’m being frequently reminded about how vital it is to live in a grateful manner. And I don’t want to grow into a bitter, complaining old woman. Bitter, complaining old women generally aren’t fun to be around. I want to grow in grace and gratitude.

Today I thank God for my vision. Blurry as it is without corrective lenses, I can still see. With my glasses, I can clearly see the gorgeous fall displays outside my windows. I can see the three huge deer that wander into our yard each morning. I can see my husband’s kind eyes look at me. And oh, the wonder of seeing the smiles of my grandchildren! I can see the words of friends typed in e-mails. I can read God’s Word. I can see. And I give thanks to the Lord today, for the amazing gift of sight.

Are you thankful for anything today?  I would love to know.


  1. Dorothy Sooter says:

    Thank you Father that you care so much for us that you try to protect us in so many situations. Thank you Father that Maria is speaking before a group in Pismo Beach that may want to help fund us. Thank you Father that I almost have all 111 letters ready to go out to friends and family to help support me in the upcoming 100 hole golf tournament. Thank you Father that I am healthy enough to play in this tournament. Thank you Father that I have been accepted as a Care Giver and will work Sat, Sunday after Church and Monday in a whole new field for me. I will stay on at Choices and in November Susan will be back and I will have Tuesday off. Thanks again Julie, I don’t always remember to thank our Heavenly Father. Love, Dorothy

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