(Julie) Ann of Beige Gables?

October 21, 2008 | My Jottings

It doesn’t sound right does it?  (Julie) Ann of Beige Gables. Or Julie of Eight Gables. Not when Anne of Green Gables rolls right off the tongue and evokes wonderful literary recollections of wistfulness, innocent antics and simplicity. 

I’ve always felt transported by the Anne series by L.M. Montgomery, and would someday love to visit Prince Edward Island. I even play the sound track to the movie, and have a very specific prayer I ask the Lord about, relating to one of the songs on the CD. (Strange, I know).

And long before I loved these books, I have favored gable roofs. With a husband who’s a carpenter, I soon learned the difference between a hip roof, a mansard roof, a gable roof, a shed or a gambrel roof. And I always liked the looks of gable roofs, especially if their pitch was steep.

Yesterday I just realized that we live in a house with a total of eight gables. Eight beige gables. And my middle name is Ann. So I ask you – if I had fancy personal calling cards made up with “(Julie) Ann of Beige Gables” or “Julie of Eight Gables” printed on them, do you think it would fly? 

When introduced to someone new, if I firmly shook their hand, smiled warmly and looked straight into their eyes and said, “Hello, so nice to meet you. I’m Julie Ann of Beige Gables”, do you think they would feel right away that we were kindred spirits?


  1. Kay says:

    Wait!! Let’s wear our purple, puffed-sleeve dresses and drink Marilla’s Cherry cordial before we decide.

  2. Just Julie says:

    Kay, You would look like the cutest thing in a dress with puffed sleeves. I would not. I’ll take you up on a cherry cordial though – overlooking the lake at your house? 🙂

  3. Leah says:

    Ah, that music. Just a few bars of the melody changed my life when I was a young woman in graduate school in 1991. I think music changes our life when it revives our imaginations. Actually anything we say that has “changed” our lives, has probably revived our imagination in some way or another. I own all of LM Montgomery’s published journals. They end sadly, but at least the manner of death is not the measure of a life.

    I have just discovered your blog via Kindred of the Quiet Way. I live in Red Wing, MN. I am going to take a leisurely journey through your days–if you don’t mind!

  4. Just Julie says:

    Hello Leah, So nice to meet you! I’m so intrigued about how that music changed your life! I can believe it though. You’ve also piqued my interest about Lucy Maud’s journals. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment, and I hope to “see” you again, Leah… xoxo

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