“I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas….”

December 11, 2012 | My Jottings

On Saturday evening and all day Sunday, we finally got the nice big snowstorm we were hoping for, and I thought I’d post a photo of the greenery and large blue and silver ornaments Sara recently arranged in our flower boxes. I was waiting for snow since I thought they would look extra pretty adorned in white.

As weary as we get from our insanely long winters, we Minnesotans love our snow! Today I heard many people talking about how beautiful it is, and how wonderful a white Christmas will be.

I think you can click on the photo above to enlarge it, so you can see the ornaments up close, although the silver ones are hard to pick out.

I guess it’s time to stop talking about the ornaments. People might think I’m obsessed or something.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


  1. Kay in UK says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! We won’t be dreaming of a white Christmas, however, as it would be very, very unlikely.
    We’re more likely to get a grey, drizzly Christmas. (Which is probably a good thing because when we have snow here in Cornwall, everything seizes up! We’re just not used to snow and therefore we’re never prepared for it. :))

  2. Just Julie says:

    Even a grey, drizzly Christmas sounds better to me than a warm and sunny one, Kay. Growing up in Southern California, all my Christmas memories are sunny ones, and even when I was young it made me happy to have any kind of inclement weather. Seemed cozier for holing up inside! Sending love to you and Alan…. xxoo

  3. Mariel says:

    Your daughter has done a lovely job decorating your boxes!

    I know exactly what you mean about having snow for Christmas. I live in southeast Michigan and we have not had any snow accumulation yet this year. The weather forecasters are predicting only a 20% chance of any for Christmas. It just adds so much more to Christmas with snow! I’m praying!!

  4. Just Julie says:

    Hi Mariel! So nice to see you here again and to read your comment. Michigan is known for its snow, so I’m sorry you don’t have any yet. I know you don’t live on the U.P., but we have heard a lot over the years about how snowy it can be there. I agree with you about how it adds to the festive feelings at Christmas time. I pray you get a good snowfall before Christmas, Mariel! God bless you…. xxoo

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Snow! I hope we get some this year! Where did you find the Little Women sound track? I’d love to get it!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my home and blog. I love your toile blog background! So happy to “meet” you Julie!

  6. Just Julie says:

    I will send you info on the Little Women CD Elizabeth…thank you for visiting. I enjoy your blog very much! God bless you and yours…. xxoo

  7. Shari C. says:

    That is a beautiful picture, Julie!!!
    Thanks for posting it 🙂
    I LOVE, LOVE< LOVE the bright blue sky and the ornaments match it perfectly!!!
    No snow here yet, just up in the mountains.
    Daniel sent us a picture from Montana and his town is covered in beautiful snow now, too.

  8. Just Julie says:

    Thank you Shari! I wish I were a better photographer, but I’m having fun with my simple camera anyway. Love to you today, dear friend… xxoo

  9. Pat says:

    What a beautiful photo, Julie – I love the blue ornaments! I know what you mean about the snow – everywhere I went that day people just seemed happier. It’s funny how snow can do that. I’m glad I don’t live in the tropics. I wouldn’t trade our four seasons!

  10. Just Julie says:

    I agree with you Pat…I would not want to live in the tropics. I yearn for a warmer place by the end of very cold January each year, but only for a visit. Coming home to Minnesota would always be a blessing. Love to you dear SAGgy friend…hope to catch up soon?! xxoo

  11. Carrie says:

    Thanks for sharing your snow with me through your picture. I totally agree with your comments about snow as it always makes me get ecstatic. I don’t often find people who share my same feelings of joy when it snows. My dad was stationed in Hawaii for several years during WWII. He also said it became boring and he was glad to return to MN where there was changes in the seasons.

  12. Just Julie says:

    It’s nice to know another snow-lover, Carrie. I agree with your dad – I grew up in Southern California and looking back, I can see we never talked about weather because it was almost always the same. Here in MN, we are weather-obsessed and everyone talks about it every day, all the time, because there’s so much of it and it changes so quickly! You well remember that, I’ll bet! God bless your week, Carrie… xxoo

  13. Linda says:

    Obsessed? Absolutely! I would be too…..what a beautiful sight!
    We hope for snow on Christmas but often get rain. Which is a huge disappointment as the rain trips our outdoor circuit and all our outdoor lights go out and stay out till it dries up again. My poor husband….it looks like that Chevy Chase Christmas movie around here when that happens!

  14. Just Julie says:

    You made me smile thinking of that movie, Linda. Michael likes that movie. 🙂 I hope you get some snow and no rain. Much love… xxoo

  15. Ganeida says:

    Brrrr….though it is raining here. Blowy & drizzly, not uncommon for a Queensland December, or even Christmas, but most would be hoping the thermometer hit the high 30’s with no rain so a barbie on the beach or by the pool will keep all their house guests happy. ?

  16. Just Julie says:

    Oh…high 30s Celsius – that’s hot to me, Ganeida! A barbie on the beach and a pool sounds lovely, though. Shall I book my flight? :O xxoo

  17. Ganeida says:

    Yep, it’s hot all right! 🙂 You come, we’ll find you a bed & talk your ears off!

  18. Just Julie says:

    That’s all I require – a bed and some conversation! 🙂

    Oh, and some food and water?

  19. Ganeida says:

    Um, yeah…food. I’m not so good at remembering the food bit but I’m sure someone will remember to feed & water you. ;P

  20. Just Julie says:

    Hahaha! “Cait, be sure the cats and Julie get fed and watered today.” 🙂

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