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November 6, 2008 | My Jottings

It’s Thankful Thursday again.

Today my heart is full as I think about my three dear daughters. Nothing has changed my life more radically than motherhood. There has been no greater challenge, no more effective or humbling teacher, and for me, no deeper love.

Nothing means more to me than their well-being. I would give my life in an instant for any of them.

With tears streaming, I thank God for gracing my life with children.  I thank Him for my wonderful, beautiful, loving, smart and treasured daughters – Sharon Lindsay, Carolyn Beth and Sara Yvonne.


Sara, Sharon, Carolyn

Sara, Sharon, Carolyn


Are you thankful for anything or anyone today?


  1. Dorothy Sooter says:

    Dear Julie,

    I had never seen that picture of your gorgeous daughters.
    I get many comments on the one that they had sent us as they are all beautiful. The love we have for our children is then magnified in our grandchildren. I just finished yesterday Savannah’s scrapbook and will start on Sara’s today. They are not large but they can be added to if they want to.
    I am going to enclose loose pictures for them to keep if they want. I will not send any until I finish the project. It brings me much joy (and sadness) as I am doing this. As your dad spent time with all of his grandchildren, I just realized he never ever did what most of us do. He did not keep track of time or money spent on them. He just loved and listened to them. You can see it in the pictures. Thanks Julie, for welcoming me into your family the way you did so many years ago. Have a blessed day. Love, Dorothy

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