Apparently We Are Filth Folk

October 1, 2013 | My Jottings

Hi everyone! I’ve been back from Seattle and Bainbridge Island for a little over a week now. I took quite a few average quality photos while I was there, and I’ll be posting them sometime soon so you can see what a great time Denel and I had at The Second Annual Lupi-Soo Convention.

It seems like so much can happen in a couple of weeks. First of all, my recovering right knee has decided I was getting a tad too smug in my progress, and has been sore and swollen for two weeks now. Secondly, Community Bible Study has begun, and in the book of Daniel we’re learning about and being encouraged by the completely trustworthy and loving sovereignty of God. Thirdly, autumn has arrived in full color in northeastern Minnesota, and I’ll put up a picture or two of the gorgeousness soon. Fourth, we have a new vacuum. And I’m in a state of disbelief at the state of our carpets.

For those of you who don’t know, we have lived in this house for about a year and two months. We had brand new carpet installed in the living room on the day we moved in. We immerse ourselves in the Minnesota tradition of taking our shoes off as soon as we come in the door, and usually wear either clean socks or slippers when inside. I’m kind of picky about carpet. I don’t like dirty carpet. I usually steam clean my carpets every other year myself, because I’m not entirely satisfied with the quick way some of the professional carpet cleaning companies do the job.

In addition, I wasn’t thrilled with the Hoover vacuum we had in the old house. I then bought a Kenmore that was highly rated by Consumer Reports Magazine and never really loved that one either. It bit the dust after five years, and recently I started reading up on vacuums. I decided, very reluctantly, to get a much too expensive Dyson. This one.

Dyson makes claims about their vacuums that not every owner and reviewer agrees with, but 90% of the reviews I read were very positive. There are no disposable vacuum bags with these machines, just a transparent container with a handle on it that snaps out of place for easy emptying when the gag factor climbs too high.

Here’s what came out of our fairly small living room carpet which is only fourteen months old, and one half of our bedroom carpet, both of which have been cared for meticulously and vacuumed frequently:


I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh, because HA HA HA! that dirt is no longer in our carpet! Or cry, because OH MY GOSH! that dirt was in our carpet!

I could have told you what I think God is doing in my life these days (and I’m so grateful He hasn’t given up on me), or regale you with cute sayings uttered by my grandchildren, or share about the new television series Michael loves, but instead I thought I’d show you our dirt.

Coming soon: Seattle, Shari, the Space Needle, some swell sea views, scrumptious sustenance, and snacks…


  1. connie says:

    Oh Julie, that makes me laugh! I always said I would never have one of those bagless vacuums because they seemed gross and bothersome to empty. Then one day, (about 3 hours before everyone arrived at our house for my daughters wedding shower) my trusty ole vacuum quit. My daughter ran to Walmart and came back with a bagless vacuum similar to yours. I have been sickly fascinated with it ever since! Haha. I cant stand to see how much stuff comes up, and yet it compells me to keep going to see how long it takes to get it all. I hate it and love it at the same time. Wishing you many days of cleaning joy!

  2. Just Julie says:

    Connie, this is exactly what I’m going through. Repulsed by what comes out of the carpet, yet fascinated enough to want to keep going. Ugh! You are a kindred carpet spirit. xo

  3. Helen in Switzerland says:

    I have the same vacuum cleaner and the same dirt! It’s a big shock at the beginning isn’t it!!! Dysons are great though and I wouldn’t change mine for anything! Even if I vacuum once or twice a week, there is still a full container full of dirt every time – and we always take our shoes off too….I just blame the cat for it!

  4. Just Julie says:

    I’m glad to know you like your Dyson, Helen. It’s good to know I’m not the only one with so much dirt. ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

  5. Ember says:

    Are you sure it’s all dirt? Not carpet fluff and some dirt?

    Nice to have you back, hope that knee settles down again quickly. xxx

  6. Just Julie says:

    You are quite observant, Ember. The fluff at the top of the picture is indeed carpet fibers from the small portion I vacuumed in our bedroom, which has deep shag carpet. But the bottom 2/3? I think that’s real blech from our LR carpet. God bless you as you write… xoxo

  7. Kay in Cornwall, UK says:

    Hello Julie, lovely to see you’re back!
    Oh dear, vacuum cleaners! I’m still searching for the perfect one. At present we have a bagless Electrolux cleaner which picks up the ‘filth’ rather well, but the filter gets clogged very quickly and before we know it there’s a woosh of dust puffing out into the room as soon as we turn the flipping thing on! We have replaced the filter for a new one and we do give the current filter a good beating outside now and then, but it’s a right pain. Alan had bought a Kirby years before I met him, but that doesn’t seem to have much suction power. What with Alan being the hoarder that he is, we are not allowed to get rid of the Kirby. It sits in the cupboard next to the Electrolux and I’m sure that they have mean, dirty ๐Ÿ˜‰ conversations on how they out-fox us!
    How do Edith and Mildred react to your vacuum cleaner? When I’ve had dogs in the past, they’ve found it almost their duty to attack the cleaner while it’s being used!

  8. Just Julie says:

    Hi Kay! I have heard very good things about Kirby vacuum cleaners. I’m surprised yours isn’t that great. I considered one, but the cost made me gulp. Yes, I like the way you give vacuum cleaners a persona — I think that must be true. Mine have always plotted against me. ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

  9. Ganeida says:

    After the first house we owned, which only had a carpet square which could be lifted up, I swore I would never have carpet. Every time it was filthy underneath, even if I had just vacuumed. Everything was just falling straight through. Knowing what was under our feet grossed me out. That carpet went as soon as I could get rid of it!

    As for your dirt, the first thing I thought was, Gosh, the Hallelujah Hounds shed more than the Caroling Cats!

  10. Just Julie says:

    Hi Ganeida! I know carpet isn’t as clean as flooring but I like the coziness and quiet it creates. You’ll never believe this, but schnauzers don’t shed. Not a hair. All that was dirt and fuzzy carpet fibers! Yuck. Xoxo

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