A day of mercy and mitochondria

April 25, 2016 | My Jottings

Well, it looks like we might finally be done with snow in our northern part of Minnesota, but the rain and wind has come in with a vengeance. Sara optimistically put our deck furniture out last week, which consists of two white Adirondack chairs, a navy and white outdoor rug with a chevron pattern, some blue and turquoise weather-safe decorative pillows, and a weighted, navy blue patio umbrella. All pieces went flying at some point yesterday, and when I woke this morning and fed the dogs, the umbrella (not open, of course) was on its side. And there it shall stay until things calm down.

So, we had a fire in the hearth yesterday, watched the choppy gray waves on Lake Superior, and enjoyed the coziness of our home. And that made me thank God over and over for the way He has taken care of me. A home! A couch! Water to drink! A bed! Food to enjoy! I wrote it all down in my gratitude journal and told Him out loud several times yesterday that I just can’t get over His goodness. I watched a show on beavers recently on our PBS station and cried at His genius and humor and care in the animal kingdom. Even when God’s goodness seems questionable, when babies die and good people are tortured for their faith, when others don’t have homes and food and I can’t wrap my mind around that, I still believe in His goodness, and know there will be answers someday.

Speaking of food, here’s something I’ve done for years now. When they finally come into season, I buy one of those smaller, seedless watermelons every 4-5 days, and cut all the rind off right away. It’s so much easier to store that way. Then I cut it up in spears that measure approximately 1 inch by 5 inches, and stack them in Rubbermaid containers and stick them in the fridge. We all have a few spears for dessert, or if we’re craving a little something sweet. They don’t last long around here!

A couple of days ago I was trimming all the rind off a melon and saw something I’d never seen in one before. At first I thought “Oh, that looks like an enormous paramecium!” and I took a picture with my iPhone. Then I realized that paramecia don’t have those horizontal lines inside their walls, that they’re more granular looking, and this pattern looked more like a mitochondrion.


Do you remember studying mitochondria in your high school biology class? I do. Maybe I can recall this because our teacher at Covina High School, Boyd Smith, was such a dynamic guy. I remember that these tiny organelles are what give cells their energy because Mr. Smith danced around in excitement as he told us about such things. Here’s a mitochondrion photograph, magnified by an electron microscope:


Can you see the resemblance between my watermelon design and the little cell powerhouse? I love stuff like this.

Was that a yawn? Okay. Moving on.

Yesterday was a quiet Sabbath. I’m trying to be intentional about how I spend my Sundays, and while I’m not always faithful, I continue to try. I did my CBS study, read, prayed, wrote a little, and hunkered down and watched the storm outside.

The Schnauzers are firmly committed to observing the Sabbath as well:

BRphoto (1)

Fourteen year-old Edith is on the left, and ten year-old Millie is on the right. I don’t like that Millie messed up my cotton throw on the bed. You can click to enlarge if you like.

And this song is on repeat in my home and heart these past days. I hope you’ll take a minute to click over, not just to listen, but to let it fill your mind, heart and spirit with its truth and beauty. His love is so great. Jesus has done so much for me, and has sustained me through so much. Dear friend, if you don’t usually do this, would you please consider just calling out to Him? Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and help you?

I know He will see you through whatever you’re going through too…


  1. Linda says:

    Ha! I was not interested in Science in H.S I think I studied the “science of boys mostly” ! LOL! Maybe if I had a demonstrative science teacher like your Mr. Smith I would remember mitochondria… I think until now I may have thought this was the title of a movie I heard about once. 🙂
    Thanks for the Science lesson Julie…I also think that does look like a mitochondria in your water mellon now that I know what one looks like! And thanks for the song….I remember that song well…brought back memories for me as we sang many songs from Robin Mark’s “Revival in Belfast” album in our church at the time…around 1999/2000….”Days of Elijah” especially comes to mind…
    Healing ….beautiful music for the soul… for a life time…. XO

  2. Just Julie says:

    Oh, I studied a bit of the Boy Sciences in high school too, Linda. :O Some of those are fun memories, and some I’d like to forget. Yes, I think Robin Mark’s music is timeless, and it still reaches places in my heart like no other music. It makes me wonder if it’s my Irish (and Scottish) heritage sometimes. Hugs to you, dear Linda… xoxo

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