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June 29, 2012 | My Jottings

I always like it when a friend recommends a favorite blog, and I end up loving it as much as she does.

Recently my friend Kay in Cornwall, England told me about Susan Branch’s blog, and I’ve now bookmarked it and will make it one of my regulars. I remember Susan Branch’s cookbooks and calendars from years ago but had forgotten about her, and visiting her blog is almost like taking a vacation. She recently returned from a trip to England, and I couldn’t get enough of her pictures and posts.

I love the blogs in the sidebar directly to the left of these words, and recommend those to you, of course. I also love my friend Helen’s blog. She lives in Switzerland and the week wouldn’t be complete without my checking in to see what quilt or knitting project she’s working on.

What are two or three of your favorite blogs? I would love to know which ones you visit over and over again, and why.

Are there blogs you visit because of the beautiful pictures? Or for girl talk? Or to learn more about God’s love for you? Or to feel connected with other people who share similar interests? Do you like decorating blogs? Blogs that are like reading another person’s diary? Cooking blogs? Funny blogs?

I look forward to reading what you share, and I wish you a wonderful weekend, dear friends and family!


  1. Ember says:

    :0) One of my very favourites is yours. Another treasured place is not a blog as such (though they are setting one up) but the Innermost House Facebook Page. And a new discovery, passed on by a dear friend this very afternoon, a wonderful place called Spirit Cloth, by a lady called Jude who involves people all round the world into stitching stories.

    Innermost House on Facebook:

    Spirit Cloth:

  2. Just Julie says:

    Thank you Ember! I love thinking about Michael and I in a place like the Innermost House. Since it’s a place for conversation, that might be hard for obvious reasons, but to pray, to read, to rest? Aaaahhhh.

    I will look at Spirit Cloth now too.


  3. Ganeida says:

    Oh! England, my England. Almost makes me homesick…only I do not miss the grey skies that help make all that lovely green. What I want is lovely blue Australian skies & hedgerows & green quilted pastures. Bliss.

  4. Just Julie says:

    That sounds beautiful to me too, friend.

  5. Helen in Switzerland says:

    Thank you so much for your kind mention Julie – believe me, I feel the same way about you!!

  6. Just Julie says:

    I’m thankful for you Helen… have inspired me countless times. And I love your good, honest heart. Xxoo

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