Schnauzers Sleek and Severe

January 13, 2014 | My Jottings

As I shared recently, we took our two Miniature German Schnauzers to The Bad Lady last week. They were getting furry and smelly, and over three months had passed since they had been groomed. We drive 3.5 miles east to drop off the first dog, then drive home and twiddle our thumbs for a while before it’s time to drive 3.5 miles east again and pick up the newly naked looking dog and drop off the second one. Then in less than an hour we drive 3.5 miles once more to pick up the second shorn Schnauzer and pay Joyce her extremely reasonable fee. It feels like a full day, like we’ve driven to North Dakota or something.

Edith and Mildred act slightly embarrassed each time they’ve been groomed. They know they look different and I’m sure they feel colder when we let them outside too, because they don’t dally. They’re right back at the French doors looking desolate in a minute or two.

When I took out the camera today to snap a couple of pictures of them, they wouldn’t cooperate! They always come when I call them, but not today. I’m not sure if it was the camera in my hand or what, but I had to carry them each into our master bathroom and shut the door behind me in order to corner them for a photo. These poor doggies probably feel upset that they visit The Bad Lady and live with The Mean Lady.

Here’s a photo below of almost 12 year-old Edith showing off her new cut. Click to enlarge if you like. We no longer have them groomed in the typical Schnauzer fashion because we have so much snow in the winter and mud in the spring, so we keep their spindly little legs clipped close. Here’s a picture of a classical Schnauzer cut if you’d like to see how puffy their legs are usually kept, although that dog has a longer tail than most Schnauzers.


In trying to think of an alliterative analysis of how Edith and Millie look right after they’re groomed, the words sleek and severe came to mind. Edith looks especially severe to me with those ears that won’t fold over like normal Schnauzers, and with her eyebrows and long beard and mustache. She looks like she might say something gruff and severe, like “Achtung!” You know, since they’re German Schnauzers?

Actually, I don’t think Edith is the type to ever say the word achtung.

And here’s almost eight year-old Millie, looking simultaneously obsequious and worried, as usual.


I can tell they miss all their curly, insulating hair because during the night they take turns burrowing down underneath the covers of our bed when the room gets chilly. Then after about an hour they apparently get too hot and come out panting loudly, and plop down dramatically on top of the covers until they start to cool off again and nose down underneath.

Yes, we’re all sleeping so well around here.

Tonight my three daughters and I will be going out for dinner to celebrate Carolyn’s birthday, which was yesterday. We had an ice storm yesterday and had to change our plans since driving was treacherous; there were so many accidents our police department told people to stay off the streets.

This week will be a week of report writing, paper work, training, and cooking. And I’m going to get my hair cut this week too. My groomer is named Bobbie, and I don’t call her The Bad Lady. She gives me the Judi Dench look every couple of months and I’m way overdue.

Okay this is getting boring. I hope you have a good week!


  1. Roberta says:

    Not boring at all. Frank, the Tabby, is now, at age 84, almost entirely nocturnal. He exercises, or asserts his right to my total attention, beginning at 1am. I would be happy for him to stay put, either under or on top of the
    covers, but he prefers variety and also goes from one spot to the other—after which he takes a break, parading around the house, only to return and repeat.
    But, I love him, very much.
    Enjoy your haircut. Edith and Millie have such distinctive personalities, yet each is adorable!

  2. Just Julie says:

    Frank is a blessed kitty to have someone who loves him so much and is patient with his night-time activities! I’d like to meet Frank — he sounds just eccentric and demanding enough to be my kind of person< /del> cat!

    Yes, Millie and Edith are so different, Roberta. Thank you for stopping by…sending hugs today. xoxo

  3. Kay in Cornwall says:

    I sympathize with Edith and Mildred. I too, burrow deep down under the covers because I find our bedroom a bit chilly, but just like those little ladies, I get very hot and have to come out from under the covers to cool down.
    (I nearly wrote that I also come out from under the covers panting loudly, then I realised how that would sound! πŸ˜‰ You know what I’m actually referring to, don’t you Julie?! πŸ™‚ I’m still blushing at how my meaning might have been taken!)

  4. Just Julie says:

    My first chuckle of the day, Kay. Thank you! You’re pretty cute, you know… xoxo

  5. Ember says:

    You will let Mildred and Edith post a photo of your haircut when it’s done, won’t you?


  6. Just Julie says:

    Of course! They took a photo this evening and I emailed it to you. I might post it on the blog soon. xo πŸ™‚

  7. Ganeida says:

    I so got the German thing! So true. πŸ™‚ We’ve just had to do a vet visit. At night. Involving blood & urine. All very messy, smelly & frightening. Marlow was so traumatised I didn’t feel I could leave him alone overnight for observation so the Lord intervened. He is a much happier cat today ~ & I am one relieved mumma.

  8. Just Julie says:

    Oh that sounds rather serious, Ganeida! I hope to hear more about this soon, but in the meantime I’m glad you’re all doing ok. God bless you all over there in summer time! xox

  9. Pat says:

    I always love reading about your dogs. And you were so right about the expression on Millie’s face! Cosette, too, has to burrow under the covers every night and insists on laying snug against my side. Hence, every time I move she also repositions. Jasper always stays on top and growls every time he is disturbed. He’s got a big attitude for such a tiny, tiny dog.

    P.S. I’m the bad lady for the dogs because I cut their hair myself. When Cosette sees the scissors and comb in my hand, she slinks down with the most woeful expression on her face. Poor little thing…

  10. Just Julie says:

    Our fussy, quirky little dogs bring so much joy to our lives, don’t they Pat? Some days I wonder if I can stand their yippiness any longer, but then four minutes go by and I adore them again. πŸ™‚ You are The Bad Lady Two. xo

  11. Ginny says:

    Ok sweet ladies! I will probably be tarred and feathered for this, but the doctor said I lack the gene that lets an animal sleep in my bed! I think if I woke to something furry making its way under MY covers, I would stroke out. But! even though it is an impossible for me, I still like E & M and it would not be the Blamers’ home without that high pitched duet welcoming company! Two things not to pray for me… That I get pg like Sarah and that I will have a heart change about wet furry noses in my bed.
    Ok… I am ready for the hot tar and feathers…. : )

  12. Just Julie says:

    No tar and feathers on this blog, ever! We love all kinds of animal lovers and toleraters here. Thank you for understanding about our yippy old ladies! xoxo

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