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February 18, 2012 | My Jottings

Yesterday Mr. McBoy came over for his two-hour Friday time at Grandma’s house. He and I finished reading Treasures of the Snow a couple of weeks ago, and have now begun reading Banner in the Sky, which I’m very excited about. During Sara’s last year of home schooling she and I read 54 books together, and Banner in the Sky was one of them. I almost didn’t read it — the cover and the first words and the subject matter didn’t interest me, but I’m so glad I did. It was one of those amazing books that touches the heart and when read aloud, inspires from the listener these words, “Will you pleeeease read one more chapter??”

Mr. McBoy and I sat on the living room couch as I read the second chapter aloud, and he was absolutely transfixed. I had tears running down my cheeks as I read — in Chapter 2 already! Each book I read to him has a theme we’re focusing on, and Treasure of the Snow’s themes were forgiveness and how to open the door of one’s heart to Jesus. The themes from Banner in the Sky are courage, endurance and resourcefulness.

Then we went over the Bible verses we’re memorizing together. We drilled each other until each of us got them right, and high-fived each other when we did. This month’s verses are: “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” from Psalm 139:13-14.  I couldn’t help thinking about the word “knit” in that Psalm, and how appropriate that is for Mr. McBoy’s family, as his new baby brother or sister grows bigger and stronger until he/she makes her appearance this summer.

Mr. McBoy and I talked about his hockey team, about the wood he carries and stacks for their family’s wood stove, about his two much-loved dogs Rosie and Lucy, and the book he was reading the previous night right before he went to sleep. Somehow I think Dr. Proctor’s Fart Powder doesn’t have quite the lofty themes as Treasures of the Snow and Banner in the Sky, but I can’t say for certain since I haven’t read it. Yet.

Then we worked on some brain training games from Lumosity. A friend told me about this and I downloaded the app so I could have something productive to do while I sit in the many doctor’s/dentist’s/podiatrist’s/ psychiatrist’s waiting rooms our job requires. Turning 50 and finding that the mind is more sieve-like than ever before has been disconcerting; going through the exercises with this app has been fun and even helpful. Of course Mr. McBoy’s brain is just fine, and his scores were fantastic and I think he had fun with it.

We also played two games of Farkle before his daddy came to pick him up, and he whooped me. Then we sat and worked on place value for a few minutes, so he could easily write the number one hundred million, four thousand seven, filling in the digit places with the correct zeroes. He certainly has a head for math and can do a lot of complicated figuring in his head already. Mr. McBoy always leaves me with a hug that makes me so glad I’ve lived to be a grandmother.

Last night Michael and I watched the movie “Of Gods and Men” and I found it intense, inspiring and fascinating. Michael slept through most of it so I can’t be sure we share the same opinion. At one point he woke up and asked me to put the movie on pause and change it to channel 37 so he could briefly check the score of the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game.  🙂

Just a few minutes ago Michael left with his good friend Steve for Shell Lake, Wisconsin, where they’ll be staying overnight at Steve’s parents’ house and ice fishing on the lake. They have a portable shelter they pull out on the lake, and they sit inside of it while they watch the small hole they’ve drilled in the ice, waiting for a walleye to swim by and take the bait. Zzzzzzz….

Today, all the grandbabies will be coming over (with their parents) to celebrate Clara’s 10th birthday, which was yesterday. She requested that I make one of her favorites, Green Macaroni and Cheese. You can click here to see my world class recipe with photos — it’s very gourmet.

After the party is over I will go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, do a load or two of laundry, attempt to tidy up my messy office that I never seem able to keep organized, and figure out what to fix for dinner.

With Michael gone overnight I have a pleasant picture of what my evening might look like. After I clean the kitchen I’ll put my plaid flannel nightgown on early, light this candle in our bedroom because it smells amazing, turn on some soft music, work on my CBS lesson, play a game or two of Words With Friends on my iPad, and then settle in for a few chapters of a good book. Which book? I don’t know — I have a pile to choose from on the side of our bed. And then I will write for a while in my gratitude journal, and drench my mind in all the ways that God blesses, helps, challenges, loves, instructs and provides for His people. That I am one of them never ceases to amaze me. His mercy knows no limits.

How about you? What will you be doing this weekend? I hope yours is blessed beyond measure….


  1. Ginny says:

    My weekend… It has been Sat. since Tuesday! Walking my daddy home to be with the Lord… I have dreaded this time for so many years. He died the 15th and the things that have to be taken care of! The nicest thing parents can do for their kids is to pre-plan their own funerals! It made it so easy… well easier, at least… The things I walked away with were that God’s Grace is truly sufficient… When I felt like all of my seams were going to unravel at once, He was there to undergird me… when the sorrow scooped out my guts and left me hollow, He filled me up… I knew dear ones were praying… and the deepest revelation came that he was really no longer there…I have said it, I know it, yada yada, but when I touched his body for the very last time, it hit me in a deep place where God births that kind of revelation… it was truly a shell… left behind and no longer housing the Life God had breathed into him. It gave me the strength not to throw myself on his casket at the cemetery and refuse to let them bury him. I am at peace and for that I am so grateful…

  2. Just Julie says:

    Ginny, there are no words really….I leave yours here to stand alone. So beautiful. We are so sorry and we love you.

  3. Helen in Switzerland says:

    It sounds like you’re having a wonderful weekend Julie! I just came home from the mountains – not wanting to be snowed in again we made a run for it before the snowstorms started. It feels good to be home!

  4. Just Julie says:

    Being snowed in with just yourself, a calm loved one, and a project or book to attend to sounds divine, Helen. Being snowed in with young people who could use attitude adjustments sounds like a challenge. I’m glad you made it home safely…send some snow our way!

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