“Roar”schach indeed

May 7, 2009 | My Jottings

Well, what do you know? Most of you saw the same thing I did in our bathroom hand towel – a lion – and I’m a bit relieved it was obvious to so many. I especially liked Shawna’s comment because she shared what I thought – this quirky lion hiding in the swirly print could be a roaring Rorschach inkblot. Roarschach – get it? Okay, let’s move on…


Did you also see Leo’s other details? I think he’s a male lion with “mane issues” – for some unknown and probably tragic reason, he has wispy, feathered bangs and a bit of a spiky pageboy haircut on the sides. He has a tiny little crown on his head with a teardrop of a jewel hanging from it, and a small Elizabethan ruff at his neck.

If you really use your imagination you might be able to see that he’s got his elbows akimbo and is curling his front paws inward almost under his chin. And he looks a little worried and slightly humiliated to me.

I wonder if he’s upset about what they did to his mane.


  1. Kay says:

    I am…right now…laughing out loud.
    Also…I am pretty sure he is doing an inverted bicep flex

  2. Deb says:

    I think it would take all day for you to complete a Rorschach test! One good thing, from what I’ve read, perceived friendly images are better answers. Your test results would probably reveal that you are a woman of detail and are imaginative and creative. I think that is certainly true!

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