Our Moose’s Moniker? Mendelssohn!

October 4, 2014 | My Jottings

How fun it was for me to read all your really fantastic name suggestions for the little white moose head we’ve hung on our living room wall. Thank you so much for responding and being the cause of many smiles! If you didn’t see the photos of our living room moose, you can click here.

I honestly liked every single name, and could tell you all understood what I was after — something a little out of the ordinary and a bit quirky. My five favorites, however, are:

Mountgomery (such a cute pun Ronda!)

And Mendelssohn it is! Thank you Jodi! I am going to insist that everyone in our family call him by his real name too. I have a feeling they’re going to just love that.

Doesn’t this guy look like he could be a Mendelssohn too?


So, very soon I will be sending Jodi a $20.00 online gift certificate for Amazon.com.

I have been fighting the flu for the past couple of days, so will write some more soon.

Have a peaceful weekend, dear Moose Namers,


  1. Jodi Clair says:

    Well! If that doesn’t just make my month! Thank you so very much generous Julie B! What a wonderful surprise. I’m honored you chose my suggestion!

  2. Ronda B says:

    Love it.
    Hope you feel better soon, dear Julie

  3. Just Julie says:

    Ronda and Jodi, So glad you stop in to read once in a while. Hugs to you both! xoxo

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