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October 8, 2012 | My Jottings

Most of you who read this little blog know I have three daughters. Sharon, Carolyn and Sara. I like to talk about them to people, and sometimes it might get boring when I do, because I can go on and on about what I like about them. Sharon makes beautiful yarn, Carolyn sings beautifully and acts like an Oscar-winner, Sara makes beautiful flower arrangements that no one else in the world makes, and so on. You might get tired of hearing about a mother’s bragging. But they’re always on my mind and ever in my heart, so I like to share….

Here’s a recent fabulous picture of Sara, taken by her sister/photographer Sharon:


It’s hard for me to believe that this lovely daughter who looks like a movie star is 30 years old…how did time fly by so quickly? I was just giving birth to her yesterday, wasn’t I? At home with a midwife? With the furnace turned up to 90 degrees because there was no isolette? With Michael grinning from ear to ear when he first laid eyes on her, he was so thrilled? (And that has actually never stopped.) Three decades couldn’t have whizzed by so fast.

Sara was a kind little girl who knew how to love deeply from the time she was quite tiny. She was loving and sensitive and cried as easily as I did if a sad movie or a hurting person was seen. If she did something that needed correcting, a dark look from me would make the tears pour. She also had some organizing talents that began to emerge before she was ten years old. To this day, I have never known anyone who can make chaos into order quicker than she can.

She’s funny, super-smart, hard-working (which she inherited from her dad), has a love for beauty and nature’s amazing details, and is a leeeetle bit crazy about our Schnauzers, Edith and Mildred, who think she’s the second best person in the universe, after their daddy Michael.

Do any of you have special ring tones on your cell phones for different people? I do. The one I have for my daughters is this song.

Even though this is more of a romantic song, the words still apply. When I hear this song play when one of my girls is calling my cell, it makes me smile and feel the happiness of being their mom.

Sara has inherited a love for adventure and wanting to experience new things from her dad, I think. I tend to be obsessed with comfort and safety and quiet times. She would jump off a cliff and go para-sailing tomorrow if she had the opportunity I think. So would Michael.

Here are a few words and phrases that come to mind when I think about Sara: flowers all over the house, in delightful arrangements you’d never imagine, dogs love her and she loves dogs, intense activity — she loves to get out in the beauty of our area and exercise and feel invigorated, sensitive — to others, to God, and to the world around her, resilient, always willing to lend a hand, quirky/funny, lovely, orderly, generous — she’s such a good gift giver, compassionate — she is drawn to the underdog just like her dad is and tries to make a difference for people, and she’s soooo creative. I don’t even think she’s come close to tapping into what she could do creatively, although her floral designs take people’s breath away.

I’m sure there will come another day, another blog post, when I’ll be talking about my daughters again, and all you moms out there will understand, I’m sure.

But today, I just wanted to tell you more about one of my girls…

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