Must Haves

July 8, 2021 | My Jottings

My daughters’ voices

A smooth writing pen

Something good to read

SmartWool socks

A long talk with a friend


Eye drops by the bed

Uplifting music in the background

A long warm cardigan

Mentos gum

Stök cold brew coffee

Lavender essential oil and wool dryer balls

My gratitude journal

Water in my Yeti cup all day long

Grandchildren’s mementos

Acorn slippers

LOC in a hot bath

Time alone

Nest-flix each morning

Cool, dry air

Frazier fir foaming soap

Community Bible Study

Honey in my tea


God’s peace

A to-do list

White vinegar in the washer rinse cycle

Tiny lamp light

Nature shows

Reconciling to the penny

Cardinals outside my window

Plackers floss picks twice a day

Romaine and blue cheese

Early to bed



The hope of heaven

*         *         *         *         *         *         *

What are some of your must-haves?



  1. Kay says:

    Many of your must-haves are the same as mine, Julie. 😉
    My list would include:
    Laughing with my children
    Cuddling my husband
    Listening to my grandchildren
    My dog snuggling up to me
    The sound of our grandfather clock – the heartbeat of our home
    Rainy days
    Books, books and more books
    A good night’s sleep (very rare)
    Hearing from Father God
    The crisp, sweet-tasting air that blesses me on a sunny, cloudless, October morning
    Hearing the children playing in the school near us
    Touching my pregnant daughter’s belly
    Having to look up (literally) to my sons’ faces
    Some more books
    Singing away to my favourite songs in an empty house/car
    Comfortable shoes – quite tricky since I’ve developed metatarsalgia
    Carols from Kings on Christmas Eve
    Pink peonies
    Holding new babies
    Being content in doing housework (this has been a long time coming)
    The feel of ink gliding over writing paper
    And of course … Jesus, always Jesus.

  2. Just Julie says:

    Oh Kay… your list inspired me so much. You are a blessed woman to be so aware of and grateful for the graces in your life. And your family is so fortunate to have such a woman loving them. xoxo

  3. Ember says:

    Big windows that open fully
    A view of trees
    An open fire to sit by
    Porridge with brown sugar and cream
    Tea in a china cup
    Walking slowly by the sea
    The Tao Te Ching
    Herbs growing in the garden
    Cathedral evensong
    I would say Jesus, but I think he’s chilling out with Kay right now

  4. Just Julie says:

    Ahhhh, your list is so beautiful too, Ember. Thank you for sharing these. You made me laugh at your final one — yes, I think He particularly likes Kay’s company! xoxo

  5. Kay says:

    Ember … the more the merrier! 😉 xx

  6. Just Julie says:

    Hahaha — yes Kay. But I still think He’s very, very fond of you. 🙂 xox

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