Let him eat cake!

September 10, 2008 | My Jottings

Today my friend Carey took me out to lunch. And gave me some beautiful, elegant earrings that she made herself. And gave me a book she loved, which means I will love it. And a card that made me laugh, which assured me that if Carey ever got caught at the dry cleaners wearing a giant chicken costume and had to run into someone she knew there, she would want it to be me. That’s how close she feels to me.  And since one of Carey’s many gifts is baking, she brought me an entire Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake with a ganache frosting. With fresh raspberries on top, and mint leaves picked from her own garden.

When I brought home my whole Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake with a ganache frosting and raspberries and mint leaves, my husband Michael took one look and started salivating.  So I decided to let him have the first piece.  I sliced it for him and watched him enjoy it with a glass of cold milk and half closed eyes.

After dinner we each had a piece, and there were moans all around.

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