Chairs: A Pictorial Essay

March 30, 2009 | My Jottings

This is one of the chairs in our (still not quite finished) living room. There’s a taupe-colored couch in there too, but this post is about chairs, not couches. This plaid chair hopes to have an upholstered, floral chair to keep it company someday.




And this is one of the chairs in our den. The dogs like to lay on the doily and shriek bark at any and all movement outside the front window.




And this is  another (very old) chair in our den. It used to belong to my mother.




And this is one of the six (identical) chairs around our kitchen table.




This is the chair I sit in most – it’s in our bedroom sitting area. I read here, write in my journal here, and often talk to my heavenly Father here. I’m also trying to learn to be still enough to hear His voice more often.




And this is the other chair in our bedroom sitting area. Michael prefers this one because it’s firmer. We sit together in the late mornings and this is where we read the Bible, pray together, and sometimes have Scottish shortbread and tea while we enjoy a few minutes of quiet.




  1. Debbie Thompson says:

    I really like the navy and gold plaid wingback chair on your blog page. Is it for sale and if so how much? Do you have a website for the things you sale?

    Debbie Thompson

  2. Just Julie says:

    Hi Debbie, Actually yes, I would be willing to sell the chair, as I’m going with a different plaid in my living room. I tried to email you but got a message failure. You can contact me through the “contact me” part of my blog and leave a good email address, and I’ll email you! Julie

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