April 19, 2010 | My Jottings

My friend Jessica, whose blog is linked on the home page of my blog, gave me a blog award recently, and with it comes seven directives. Here’s what I’m supposed to do:

  1. Thank the person giving you this award. Thank you Jessica! I’m glad you read my blog and I love it when you leave comments. I also love to read yours, and think you should write more often.
  2. Copy the award to your blog. Here’s the icon:
  3. Place a link to their blog. Check Jessica’s blog out here. She’s a really good writer and she makes me laugh and think. I actually own an electric broom because of her blog.
  4. Name 7 honest tidbits people don’t know about you from reading your blog. Oh dear. I think I’ve done this a few times before. But maybe you’re all like me, with minds like sieves, and don’t remember any of it.
    1) I count my claps when I’m in an audience and the applause starts.
    2) I would really like to live in a little cottage in the Highlands of Scotland.
    3) I cry at least once a day. It’s not something I plan, just usually something that happens.

    4) I used to be an avid scrapbooker (when I had time to myself years ago) and I actually had some of my work published in
    Memory Makers magazine.
    5) I consider a yummy snack a spoonful of peanut butter and grape jelly.
    6) I used to be deathly afraid to speak in front of an audience, with uncontrollable trembling, and now I’m not at all.
    7) I hate, no, I
    loathe, tuna.
  5. Award 7 other bloggers. Some of my favorite bloggers are: My daughter Sharon at Three Irish Girls, my niece Savannah, John and Sandy Halvorsen’s account of their current prayer walk across Europe and Asia, Beth Moore’s blog, and I love the design photos at Holly Mathis Interiors. That isn’t seven, but maybe I’ll put some more on soon.
  6. Place a link to those bloggers. Check.
  7. Leave a comment letting those bloggers know about the award. Will do that soon, but I have a basement floor to mop with bleach water since I came home from SAGs last night to find a flood from the sewer having backed up. We had to call several companies before we found one to come out at 11:00 at night. Now that spring is upon us, there were tree roots growing in our lines. How many of you might guess that these kinds of services don’t do that kind of thing at that time of the night for just a few dollars?  🙂

Anyway, thank you for tagging me, Jessica. I read your blog every day.

What blogs do all of you read often? I would love to know. Feel free to leave their names and/or URLs in the comments too.



  1. Jill says:

    I like you lots and lots already, but even moreso now that I know you’re a clap counter. ‘Cause I’m a counter of lots of things… stairs, brushes of teeth, fold/fold/fold of towels. But I always count to myself and do not even mouth the counting for fear people think I’m caaaaa-razy. ha.

  2. Just Julie says:

    That is so amazing (and comforting) Jill. I don’t usually talk about it for obvious reasons, but now I know another person who is a clap counter! A kindred, counting spirit….all the things you mentioned I relate to.

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