Accidental Bloggist

May 25, 2009 | My Jottings

I do realize that bloggist is not actually a real word. Blogger is a new word in this decade, but it’s still barely a word.

So accidental bloggist is a phrase I’m using (anyone read the book Accidental Tourist?) because I’m going to share once again some of the funny search terms that people have typed on Google that accidentally sent them to my site,

Some of these are chuckleworthy. See if you don’t smile at a few – these are exact quotes:

“Do you ever listen to a song over and over again” – yes, yes I do. Yes, yes, I do. Yes, yes I do. Yes…as a matter of fact, I do this a lot. What I’m playing over and over again right now is a G.T. and the Halo Express CD.

“Big Tex pure grapefruit juice” – No Big Tex pure grapefruit juice at, Google folks.

“No one to tell me and no one to say Julie will come over” – what do you suppose this person was actually searching for? Are these lyrics to a song? If not, maybe they could be…

“Kilt” – they probably saw this photo, but scratched their head when they read the druthers post.

“Anemia muesli recipe” – I didn’t know there was an anemia muesli recipe. I think if you put red meat in my muesli recipe, it might help your anemia.

“Son-in-law Jeremy Birkenstocks” – My son-in-law is named Jeremy, but his last name isn’t Birkenstocks.

“Purple sea anemone” – People from all over the world happen upon my blog because of this post, more than any other thing I’ve ever written. That’s the truth.

“Be persnickety blog Julie” – Okay, I’ll try!

“Sheep lie down” – I’ve heard that they do – in green pastures, as a matter of fact.

“Her arm hair” – whaaaat?

“The blog that ate Cleveland” – Google sent them to my site for this quote? I don’t think my blog even knows anyone in Cleveland.

“Enemies of the pachycephalosaurus” – Yes, if you wanted accurate information about dinosaurs you could always visit my blog. I’m incessantly posting something about the uplifting Jurassic era.

“Sharon Nisky” – perhaps the name of my yet to be conceived great-granddaughter?

“Doily couch” – I think when I’m seventy-three I’ll probably own a couch made entirely of doilies. Not yet though.

“Woman yawning face smell” – Oh my. I’m not sure this woman received any help when she clicked on this site.

“Beagle boo radley” – I didn’t think Boo Radley had a dog. Maybe I need to read the book again.

“What is the meaning of a woman slaying a dragon” – I have no idea. I only know about one woman (me) trying to slay a figurative dragon (selfishness) and I wrote about it here.

“Rabbiting laws” – I couldn’t agree more – there should be rabbiting laws, and they should be aimed at shiftless crows who take fake casual strolls in yards in which there are rabbit holes housing helpless baby bunnies.

“Would” – What in the world would a person be looking for by typing “would” into Google? Whatever it was, they found my blog.

Anyway, I’m on vacation, so this is auto-posting. I will tell you about our trip when we return.

If you accidentally happened upon this blog because you typed “fever kangaroo Tupperware elbow departure,” into your Google search, I welcome you. If you actually visit here on purpose, thank you for reading.


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