A Thanksgiving benediction

November 26, 2008 | My Jottings

Our Thanksgiving will be different this year. We will be celebrating in a different house. We will have the smallest number at our table (five) that we’ve ever had. We will have two new people at our Thanksgiving table, and will sorely miss six who are usually with us. We will have nothing to eat that’s green (unless we count the celery in the stuffing). It will be quiet. But we will heartily give thanks, for all that we have, for all we’ve been spared, and for the marvelous blessing of having Someone to thank.

I hope your Thanksgiving is blessed in every way – that at the end of the day you can thank God for the love of family, the comfort of friends, the abundance of provision, and the wonder of faith.

Today as I bake pies, ready the turkey, pick up the house and run a couple of last minute errands, the sentiments of this prayer will be constantly on my mind:

O merciful God, grant that we may
desire ardently,
search prudently,
recognize truly,
and share in your work
for the praise and glory of your name.

Put our lives in good order, Lord God,
so that we may know what you want us to do
to bring to completion the work you have begun among us.

Grant, O Lord, that we may not falter
in times of prosperity or adversity:
may we not be proud and greedy in the former,
nor dejected and discouraged in the latter.

May we not rejoice in anything unless it leads to you,
nor be saddened by anything unless it turns us from you.

Help us, Lord, to show our gratitude to you
by imitating your generosity, the Giver of all that is good.


St. Thomas Aquinas


  1. Jessica says:

    Why nothing green?

  2. Just Julie says:

    Why nothing green, Jessica? So glad you asked. Because we only eat green things in this house on St. Patrick’s Day, or on Christmas Day (green and red cookies). It’s a strong superstition I have, and I believe that if I eat something green at any other time of the year, something grotesque will happen to me.

    Of course I’m kidding. The real reason we aren’t eating anything green is because I don’t care for asparagus, green beans sound boring to me this year, brussels sprouts are not anyone’s favorite, we had broccoli last year and it was hard to keep hot, and a garden salad is something we have almost every day of the week anyway.

    Do you have any good suggestions for something green to add to our menu tomorrow? I would be happy for an idea!

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