A Reality Check

December 11, 2010 | My Jottings

We’re getting pummeled with snow and wind, Sara and I have bad colds with fevers, and in a minute I’m going back upstairs with a cup of tea to rest. But first I wanted to share a recent drawing that my granddaughter Clara did of me.

She and Elijah were spending the night a couple of weeks ago, and while I was sitting on the bed folding clothes and they were quietly drawing, Clara said, “Grandma, do you want me to draw a picture of you?”

“Yes!” I enthused, “I would love that!”

“Sit really still, Grandma,” Clara instructed, and for about ten minutes I did, until she was finished.

Here is her drawing, and I hope it makes you smile as much as it did me.

I am so glad she drew me looking happy, and I actually think the ears are pretty good.


  1. Larry says:

    To me the drawing of you represents both the peace and happyness that your grandkids see in your face of their grandma. Is shows a comfort they feel, but I never knew you has such short hair these days – I was blessed by it. 🙂

  2. Just Julie says:

    It’s the same hair I’ve had for years, Lar – you’ve seen it. 🙂

  3. Lloyd says:

    Captures you well, Julie! Give Julie a gold star.

  4. Ember says:

    Hope you and Sara feel better soon xxx

  5. Just Julie says:

    Thank you Ember. We’re pretty well now.

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