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October 8, 2021 | My Jottings

Friday greetings to you, friends and family.  I saw this circling around and haven’t done something like this for years. In times like these it doesn’t hurt to be a little light-hearted, does it? These are easy enough choices — I’ll share mine, and in the comments below, let me know yours:

Cake or pie?  Cake — Duncan Hines Devil’s Food cake with Virginia Sooter’s peanut butter and chocolate frosting, to be exact. No white cake, but lemon and carrot will do too.

Coke or Pepsi?  Pepsi, hands down. I can tell the difference blindfolded too. I probably have 3 glasses of Pepsi a year, though. I give my one kidney Verna lots and lots of water.

Comedies or dramas?  Dramas.

Reading or listening? Reading, although I listen to an audiobook now and then.

Driving or passengering? I love to drive.

Sports events or theater events? Theater without a doubt, especially if my daughter Carolyn is in the play.

Chips or popcorn? Chips. Lightly salted potato, sometimes tortilla chips if I want my knees to ache.

Mountains or beaches?  Mountains, with lots of trees.

Fine point pens or bold point?  Bold.

Coffee or tea?  Cold brew coffee with half and half in the mornings, tea in the afternoons.

Dogs or cats? Dogs and more dogs.

Birds or reptiles?  Birds

Early mornings or late nights?  Mornings for me. I haven’t seen a late night in a long time.

Firm beds or plush?  Plush.

White walls or colored? The darker and richer the color, the better.

Hot weather or cold? I’d prefer fall weather, but I’d take cold over hot anyday.

A month in Ireland or a month in the Caribbean? Green, green and blarney.

A lively gathering with several folks, or one on one?  One on one.

Idaho or Florida? Idaho.

North Carolina or Washington? North Carolina

California or Minnesota? I’m a Minnesotan to my marrow now.

How about you? You don’t have to answer all of these, but what are some of your preferences?


  1. Kay in Duluth says:

    Mostly in agreement, but noted where we part ways…
    Lemon Pie, Coke Zero, Beaches, Fine Point Pens, Firm Mattress, Hot Weather, Caribbean and Florida.
    Can we still be friends?!!

  2. Just Julie says:

    I’m with you on the lemon pie too. I loved reading your preferences — thank you Kay! And yes, forever and ever, I hope! xoxo

  3. Kay in Cornwall says:

    Hello Julie! Some interesting questions.
    Definitely cake – Battenburg Cake.
    Pepsi Max
    Comedies and historical docu-dramas.
    Passenger – because although I can and do drive, I don’t like it. I started losing my confidence to drive since lockdown, so last week we bought a Volkswagen Up! for me to drive. It’s small and bright red and she’s called Lulu. (Because Alan thinks she looks like the sort of car Louisa would like.) I’m starting to like driving again.
    Sports events – I do like to watch a good game of Rugby Union.
    Popcorn – salted.
    Beaches – no mountains near us! I prefer the beaches in the winter when they’re not packed with visitors. Also, the fresh air in winter blows the cobwebs away.
    Bold, gel pens in blue or purple.
    Coffee – keeps me from feeling hungry. But definitely tea at afternoon tea and also when eating a pasty.
    BIRDS!!! NO reptiles!
    Late nights and a firm bed.
    Coloured walls and white walls alike. We have a mixture here.
    Autumn weather. Then Spring. Heat here is very humid!
    The Caribbean please, we’ve plenty of lush greenery here.
    Like one-on-one or a larger gathering equally.
    Idaho or Florida? Don’t know. But definitely North Carolina because I’m a Jan Karon fan.
    And of course, it has to be Minnesota because I have a lovely friend (that I’ve yet to meet) who lives there! 😉

  4. Just Julie says:

    I loved that you took the time to share all your preferences with me, Kay! I had a nice time reading and picturing you in all these things. God bless you and your loves!

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