A full fountain for an empty pitcher

June 15, 2015 | My Jottings

A lot has happened since I first started on our most recent chalkboard wall.

You can see at the top where our grandson, Mr. McBoy, wrote out his love to his grandpa on the night of his death.

Since Michael moved to heaven on February 9th, I’ve added two attributes of God to the “God Is…” wall myself. I was inspired by a song by Robin Mark that I play repeatedly when I’m driving. The song is so beautiful and if you’d like to hear it, click here. 

I’ve added that God is the binder of wounds, and the healer of hearts.


And even though it’s not grammatically correct, I absolutely think “God is Grandpa we love you!!!” Yes, God can be found in a grandson’s love for his dying grandpa.

When I’m in the kitchen and look across the dining room to this wall, I ask Him to help me put my mind on one or more of His beautiful attributes, so I can meditate on it (or them) all day long. I’ve been thinking about God as the healer of my heart and the binder of my wounds for seventeen weeks now.

Also, this morning I read this poem during my quiet time, when my knees were aching more than usual and my soul felt empty for no good reason. I prayed this prayer and laughed and wiped tears while I did, because in two seconds I realized that an empty pitcher is no problem at all for a Full Fountain….

O Lord, we come this morning knee-bowed and body-bent
Before Thy throne of grace.
O Lord, this morning, bow our hearts beneath our knees.
And our knees in the lonesome valley.
We come this morning, like empty pitchers to a full fountain,
With no merits of our own.
O Lord, open up a new window of heaven,
And lean out far over the battlements of glory.
And listen this morning.

~~James Weldon Johnson

*         *         *         *         *         *

I think the next thing to do is add another attribute of God to our dining room chalkboard wall. God is the binder of wounds, the healer of hearts, and God is a full fountain!

God’s blessings on you today,

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