Stamped Shortbread Surprise

June 5, 2012 | My Jottings

Yesterday a lot was accomplished. There are still pictures to hang and shelves to a large bookcase to find (how can large shelves go missing?), but our new house is starting to look and feel like home.

What my daughters do in one hour is about what I would get done in a day. I have thanked God many times for their help during this move.

Carolyn stopped by again yesterday afternoon to bring by a housewarming gift, created by her husband Jeremy and their youngest child Audrey, age 4. They made shortbread cookies stamped with a B for our last name, and Sara and I both agreed it was the best shortbread we’ve ever eaten. I’m pretty sure they had sugar in them and I ate them anyway.

The letter B is so unique – I asked Carolyn how Jeremy did that and she said, “Oh, he just made his own stamp.” He does things like that. Just makes/welds/sews/forges things on his own when the need arises.

Jeremy told me later that apparently Audrey thought they were going to make shortbread with bees on them, so when she saw the letter B on each cookie, she was disappointed that they weren’t “stripey bees.”

Have you ever received a unique housewarming gift? What was the best or the strangest one you’ve ever gotten?

Coming up for air

June 4, 2012 | My Jottings

After what seems like months of packing and unending days of moving, we are in our new house. We don’t know where anything is in our new house, but we are here.  🙂

And I am grateful to the Lord for bringing us here.

Things I Love About Living In Our New House

We have a beautiful view of Lake Superior
Our neighbors are so nice
Our bedroom is already a quiet oasis
Our foster gals love their new bedrooms
We have a much smaller mortgage
There’s a fireplace in the kitchen/dining room area
Every room is bright and cheery
The tub in the master bathroom is so deep one can float while taking a bath
We have central air conditioning
Edith and Mildred have finally settled down

Things I’m Still Having To Adjust To In Our New House

Not being near our old neighbors  🙁
Having half the kitchen cupboard space
A fancy dishwasher that broke after one use
A small fridge and freezer paired with a husband who likes to stock up
Less privacy due to a smaller yard
No woodsy view from our kitchen windows
Hardwood floors
Gas stove and oven instead of electric
One less person with us  🙁
No washer and dryer yet (the new ones brought on Saturday did not fit)

The photo above is part of our bedroom. Boxes, boxes, everywhere! And we’re actually about 2/3 unpacked, I would guess. I thought I had gotten rid of so many things, boxes of books, with many trips to our local Goodwill, but on moving day I could see I hadn’t done enough. I should have had Ember come and supervise everything — she would have helped me pare down a lot more!

See the newer super thick shag carpet? The previous owners had it installed and I’m hoping my vacuum is up to the task. I was told I just need to use the highest setting. Hmmm.

I don’t know what I would have done without my daughters. They’ve helped and carried and put away and organized and blessed us so much!

Well, I have paperwork to do, a dishwasher repairman to call, boxes to break down, dinner to plan, books to shelve and a bathroom cabinet to stock with towels and toiletries.

Some of you sent cards and emails and I can’t tell you how heartening this was to us….thank you.

I’ll come back up for air again soon,