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July 23, 2009 | My Jottings

Every once in a while I’ll put up a post about where I would rather be if I had my “druthers.” It’s not that I’m not grateful for where I am at this moment, but I also like to dream about seeing new places, and wonder on occasion what it would be like to experience life someplace else.

I think I’d always want to come home, but I dream about remote living in Switzerland and Scotland sometimes. I can almost hear the bells around the goats’ necks, or the skirl of the bagpipes on a distant hill. (I always wanted to write skirl – now I’ve done it.)

But this post is your chance to share about your druthers.

If you had your druthers…

1. Where would you visit right now?

2. What would you do there?

I look forward to reading your responses, and will randomly choose a winner from them for this month’s bloggy giveaway! Comments will be taken until Saturday at noon, and the winner will be announced later that day.


  1. Jessica says:

    I desperately want to take two vacations. One is to Ireland. I keep telling Brady that some day I’m going to take him there. I don’t know what we’ll do. Whatever the locals do probably. And a few touristy things.

    The other place is San Antonio, where I have been several times. The reason I want to go so bad right now is because I have a nephew there that I’ve not met (he’s 18 months old!!!!) because we can’t afford the airfare to get our family down there and they never come to MN. They’ve never even met Cameron. It’s so sad (and frustrating).

    So, that’s where I’d go. Although I could make a list a mile long of ALL the places I’d like to go! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel.

  2. Deb says:

    I am very content to be home but if I had my druthers I’d live closer to my parents or my sister Dixie. Better yet, I’d have them move closer to me!!
    If I could pick anywhere to visit right this minute, I’d pick Dean’s Uncle Clint’s cabin on Dryberry Lake just north of Sioux Narrows, Ontario. We spent our honeymoon there. It is a beautiful spot, nestled on a rocky hillside that is scattered with wild flowers and the occasional blueberry plant. The 4-bedroom “cabin” has all the modern conveniences and the view of the lake is so very pretty. I’d sit on the dock in the Adirondack lounger and read while classical piano music played in the background and I’d reflect on our first trip there 34 years ago.

  3. Just Julie says:

    You have me wanting to go there right now, Deb. If I had my druthers… 🙂

  4. Ginny the computer challenged friend says:

    My husband had his 10 millionth surgery today and I can think of plenty of places I would rather have been! The first one that came to mind, when I read this, was Germany. It was 25 years ago in May that we made the trip. We had been saved for 2 weeks and we were wild about the LORD, but still fleshn’ out. I would do a few things differently this time. Number one…I would NOT get smashed at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich the night before we were going to go to the Passion Play in Oberammergau. Smashed resulted in having a HUGE fight with my husband that night and too hung over the next day! Redeemed but still working on the sanctified! Never got to see the Passion Play. Total bummer! If I had my druthers, we would see it this time and definitely skip the beer overload all together. I would, however, do again the wonderful gausthaus in Garmisch. The first morning there we woke up to the sound of cow bells. I opened the window to our upstairs room, barely resisting an overwhelming urge to yodel, and there in the street were the most beautiful soft brown cows lumbering along on their way to a pasture, undoubtably filled with wild flowers. Then, just when you think this is the toots, a guy in those leather shorts and pixie hat with a feather brings up the rear! Well, I all but burst into song and sang every song from the Sound of Music, or at least the first 5 words of every song from the Sound of Music! Crisp duvet covers on down comforters, German food galore, cute little lace curtains, scrolly wrought iron all over the place and the decorative painted fronts of the buildings… definitely Druthersville…

  5. Just Julie says:

    Ginny, your picturesque description was wonderful. (And funny.) Are you sure you shouldn’t be writing travel books, a la Bill Bryson?

  6. Ginny the computer challenged friend says:

    But he lies…or fabricates, I guess they call it…or something like that… Druthersville is a real place! 🙂

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