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June 6, 2009 | My Jottings

…to bring two photos of scenes that are all too fleeting in warm weather-starved northern Minnesota.

This was taken through a kitchen screen (sorry) this morning:


And these perfume the kitchen today:


We love our lilacs. I remember what they smell like and pray that I can smell them again someday. In the meantime I will surely enjoy their beauty.

Back to the June bloggy contest now. Comments are still open and the winner of the scrumptious prize will be announced on Tuesday, June 9th.

Maybe one of your quirky food preferences happens to be lilacs. Our daughter Sara ate a lilac blossom yesterday and declared it sweet and good.


  1. Dorothy Sooter says:

    My grandmother lived one fourth mile down a country road when I was growing up in Illinois. She had a beautiful home and a row of lilac bushes along the road which gave her a lot of privacy and beauty. We all loved the lilacs and the wonderful smell. I also pray Julie, that you regain your sense of smell. I did not comment on the the food quirks cause I think your dad had them all and you and Savannah pretty much covered them. One that you didn’t mention was the store bought Hostess cherry pies (individual ones). They were a huge treat to him and he loved them for breakfast. As he got older, because of the sodium content in those pies, I convinced him to let me make him the cherry pie without the sodium. He only liked apple, pumpkin and cherry pie. He would not touch a cream pie and was not too fond of cakes. Another thing he really liked was corn bread scrunched up in milk with salt. Many times when we were out for dinner where there was corn bread he would order a glass of milk and really enjoy the corn bread. Before I had any idea how ill he was, his taste buds for pie dissapeared, I should have been more alert. Thanks for letting me share some wonderful memories. Love, Dorothy

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