Vivie’s Cardinal

November 11, 2015 | My Jottings

My granddaughter Vivienne spent the night last weekend and we had a nice, quiet time together. I took her out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and she had a huge multi-grain pancake with homemade raspberry syrup. I had a Cobb salad, which I think I could eat at least three times a week.

We also played Farkle and Battleship, and watched a Tim Hawkins video at her request. It made me so happy to see her laughing hard at some of his comedy routines.

Vivie loves to draw and is already a serious artist for her age, so she always spends time with her head bent over some paper when she’s here. She made a little Bird Book, and drew dragons with scales and pug dogs with little triangle ears.

Before I drove her home on Sunday, she took the red wax from a tiny Babybel cheese I gave her, and in about five minutes sculpted a little cardinal from it. Even its wings and back have little delineations to represent his feathers.


I haven’t seen a cardinal in a long time. They’re still rare this far north.

So I put this little guy on the side of a candlestick on my dining room mantel, to remind me of wonderful Vivie (who is almost 10), of hope, of beauty, and God’s faithfulness.

Sometimes we do need to be reminded.

What reminds you of God’s faithfulness?


  1. L. says:

    That little cardinal is really impressive. And to think of all the Babybel wrappers I have thrown away! We might have to take another look at them next time. (Kipp likes them too.)

    What reminds me of God’s faithfulness. As I sat in church on Monday night, the same church of my ancestors, I looked closely at the little individual communion cup after I had drained it and thought “surely, it is by God’s grace and faithfulness that I am still here, because on my own I could not have done it.”

  2. Just Julie says:

    I so identify with your last sentence, Leah. Beautifully said. xoxo

  3. Janet says:

    What a joy to be able to read you blog again. And especially to see and enjoy the beauty of the little red Cardinal created by your Granddaughter. She has a eye to see beauty in God’s creation and will always share that. Praying the Lord will continue to bless the work of her hands and bring joy to to others as well.

  4. Just Julie says:

    It’s so good to know you finally got through, Janet! Yay! I loved what you said about Vivie, and your words prompted me to ask the Lord for the very same thing. xoxo

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