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July 11, 2009 | My Jottings

Our household is busy, noisy and fun these days, full of daughters and sons-in-law and little children. And incorrigible, nervous Schnauzers. Most of the little kids are at the beach right now, digging in the sand and probably not going in the water, as Lake Superior is bound to be chilly still.  I have five minutes to add a new post, and this is what came to mind – things I would like to say thanks for.

1.  Healthy grandchildren running wild and giggling in a big house.

2.  The constant birdsong outside my office window.

3.  Cool summer temps and low humidity – Michael and I say “Good sleepin’ weather!”

4.  Music that brings tears.

5.  Wonderful, generous daughters.

6.  Kind and faithful husband.

7.  Abundance – why others in this world don’t have it, I don’t understand. For now I’m blessed with it – I don’t understand that either, but am saying thank you.

8.  Loyal, lifelong friends.

9.  Piles of books – good reading memories and more to anticipate.

10. Jesus – His grace and truth. Nothing would be the same without Him.

What are the things you say thanks for today?


  1. Savannah says:

    It’s a couple days late, but here it is.

    1. My Student-Worker job on campus – where if I get sick or have to study, it’s no problem if I can’t come to work that day.

    2. The Freshman Retreat tonight and tomorrow!! We have thirty freshmen coming into Christ Ambassadors/Murray this fall!

    3. International Students – I love them. Plain and simple. So honest and eager for friendship.

    4. Liz – one of my best friends. We have the most random and silly conversations about Turkish Camels and Flea Markets to sitting in silver cherry trees while reading books. She is such a blessing.

    5. Easy Mac and a half eaten slice of pizza. I didn’t feel good today, and when I got hungry didn’t feel like fixing anything. So there was a half eaten piece of pizza in the fridge and a thing of EasyMac on the house shelf. It was wonderful.

    6. The new computer that I will have. Haha! I am speaking that into my life! I WILL have a new computer soon, I WILL have a new computer soon!

    7. My orange walls – my favorite color is very bright and cheerful, and I just love my orange walls!

    8. My roomies – they are the most considerate, caring, loving people ever.

    9. My “Turn to Jesus” purse. Even though it’s getting raggedy it is ever faithful.

    10. This wonderful cool weekend! Both for the retreat and for the fact that I am about to go weed the Christ Ambassador Volleyball court.

  2. Ginny the computer challenged friend says:

    What am I thankful for…

    1. That Peter made it through his kidney surgery with flying colors!

    2. That I am TRULY able to do all things through Christ Jesus Who strengthens me! (Like all the gross nursey stuff I had to do to my man)

    3. That my father lived to be 90 (and is still going strong) and God has given me all of this precious extra time to love him.

    4. That I don’t take any medication.

    5. That I am still in love with my husband as we celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary August 18th.

    6. That my book club hasn’t kicked me out for being reading challenged.

    7. That some of my friends let me burst into song and be silly because I REALLY love to do it!

    8. That God allowed me to see that He loves me just the way I am.

    9. That my husband gave me the gift of a swing for my 50th birthday where I can pray, relax, reflect, read and talk with those I love. I can even make a path to it in the winter when I need a swing fix!

    10. That my dear friends understand my love for my birthday!

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