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March 22, 2012 | My Jottings

Having a daughter who’s a floral designer definitely has its perks. Every once in a while Sara will spend her own money and bring home an armful of flowers, and within an hour there are little pops of color and beauty in different parts of the house. She never tells me she’s done it, and I often find out after I’ve come home from errands and then notice the simple gatherings she’s placed here and there.

The grape hyacinths below are on our kitchen table, and were Sara’s recent gift to Michael, who loves flowers more than any man I know. Last week these were just green shoots, but in the last three days the blooms have come up are getting ready to burst open, and we get so much delight sitting at breakfast and inspecting the growth that takes place in just one day! (You can click the photos to enlarge them if you like.)

Carnations sometimes get a bad rap, and they aren’t used much at the shop where Sara works, but I’ve always loved the smell, and this big bunch of them is in our living room.

And here’s a smaller bunch in my office…

Boronia heather on a kitchen windowsill:

More carnations on the mantel…

And in the downstairs bathroom…

In the master bathroom is this peperomia plant with its odd blossoms poking upward…

I think if I were a flower, I would be a peperomia. Weird, not very colorful, sort of prickly, and always aiming upward.

I’ll bet there are some readers out there who might say they’re like daisies or roses or peonies.

If you were a flower, which one would you be, and why?


  1. Linda says:

    A daffodil….they’re up early in Spring & their bright yellow sculptured
    “heads” shoot as if in praise towards the sky….they make me smile everytime I see them. What a blessing Sara is to surprise you with such a creative variety of flowers so tastefully displayed throughout your home….

  2. Just Julie says:

    I love daffodils Linda. We had some in our kitchen window last week and they faded just a day or two ago. Sara said, “They look so happy!” when they were open and at their brightest. I think that’s a good choice for you – daffodils bring cheer, and so do you. xxoo

  3. Sharon says:

    Hydrangeas. I dry well.

  4. Just Julie says:


  5. Kay in UK says:

    A bluebell … they don’t like being in bright sunshine all the time – they prefer partly shaded areas. They like the company of others, but like to be in quiet places such as woodland. When taken out of their natural environment they quickly fade and droop. Their heads nod freely in the wind (I am such a people pleaser!). Bluebells are not sophisticated blooms, just simple countryside flowers. Yes, the more I think about it, I think the description of a bluebell suits me very well. Plus, blue is my favourite colour by far.
    (Alan just commented about a friend of ours – he likened Mark to a dandelion. When I asked why, he said, ‘Because he pops up everywhere!’ If you knew Mark, you would be laughing along with me!)
    Love to you and yours xx
    By the way, Alan and I think you are like a fuschia – you are going through some very hard times (like our fuschia bush suffers with frost, drought and extreme pruning) but you are very resilient, beautiful and you make us smile.

  6. Just Julie says:

    I love your thoughtful reasons about why you’re a bluebell, Kay! And being called a fuschia is perhaps the nicest compliment I have received in I can’t remember how long! Thank you… xx

  7. Kay says:

    First..your question makes me think of Barbara Walters asking the first President Bush “If you were a tree, what sort of tree would you be. To which he answered “But I’m not a tree, I’m a Bush” -Ha!

    I think I would like to be a Giant Sunflower.

    -A Late Bloomer
    -Standing Tall
    -Eyes Fixed on the Sun(or the Son)
    -Feeding the Songbirds from what has been Grown in Me

  8. Just Julie says:

    What a thoughtful answer – and so true about you, Kay! I love it…

  9. Helen in Switzerland says:

    I’d be a mixture of poppies and cornflowers – only because they are my absolute favourites!!

  10. Just Julie says:

    And those two are beautiful together too, Helen. Thank you!

  11. Larry says:

    In your Master Bathroom is the green bird a red bird turned green with envy? 🙂

  12. Just Julie says:

    Hahaha Lar! Clever, but no. My beloved cardinals would never be envious and turn green. The cardinal is a noble, sinless bird. 😉

  13. Christy says:

    I would be a johnny-jump-up (I just like the sound of it). And after Kay in UK’s answer, everything I could think of was trite.

  14. Just Julie says:

    You make me laugh, Christy. 🙂 xxoo

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