Saturday Snow, Sushi and Some Shards

March 9, 2013 | My Jottings

It’s snowing again here in Northern Minnesota, big feathery flakes that float down and make everything so soft and bright and lovely. This morning our grandson Elijah and I were looking out over Lake Superior, and even though our house is quite close, we couldn’t see where the white of the Lake and the white of the sky met. It looked like one big expanse of white.

The southern part of gigantic Lake Superior is covered in good-sized shards of ice, and my friend Bob King took a beautiful picture of it for our local newspaper recently. You should check out Bob’s blog — almost anything you could ever want to know about astronomy is there, written in Bob’s friendly, factual and fascinating voice.

I may be taking the alliteration a bit too far today, I don’t know.

If I went outside right now and walked the two blocks to the shore of our Great Lake, this is what I would see:


Except right now there’s no blue sky due to the snow falling. The black dot in the distance is a portable ice house. Yes, some person walked way out onto the Lake, which is hundreds of feet deep and cold enough to cause death by hypothermia within a minute or three, drilled a hole in the ice and dropped a line in.

Elijah and I played a game of Farkle this morning and I won for a change. Next, Michael and I picked up prescriptions, took Elijah home after buying him a small strawberry milkshake, and then on a whim decided our snowy weather called for some sushi. We had a quiet lunch at our local Japanese restaurant, and the California rolls and the tempura were delicious. Michael loves the spicy green wasabi on his sushi but I prefer only the pickled ginger. He says the wasabi is powerful enough to send hot vapors throughout every sinus cavity in his head and make his nose drip, but I have yet to figure out why this is something he wants to happen in a public setting.

Tonight we have to set our clocks ahead one hour, and I think this means that for the time being I’ll be getting up in the dark again. I might have to go to bed at 7:00 p.m. tonight in order to feel peppy in the morning. Actually I might have to do a lot more than that to feel peppy in the morning. Like finish my foster paperwork. And get a new knee.

We have a couple of Netflix DVDs we might watch tonight. One is of this movie, and I don’t know much about it. The other one is this, and I’m not sure if I’m ready for it. Have any of you seen either of these films? I have often received very good recommendations from you all, and if you can think of any other movies you’ve enjoyed, be sure to leave a comment and share, okay?

For a couple of years now, I’ve occasionally watched the den cams placed in the dens of some local bears. Here’s a link where you can see fantastic video of Lily the black bear and her two adorable cubs who were born in January of this year. Seeing what a good mother she is to her two little ones never fails to make me smile, and sometimes even sniffle a little bit.

Now I’m off to put the white clothes into the dryer, work a while on my CBS lesson, write a devotional I’m presenting on Monday morning at Leaders Council (thank God I don’t have to speak about peppiness or food preparation), and then I might meander into our hoity-toity master bathroom where I always assume the role of The Bathroom Fraud, and soak in our deep tub while reading a library book I’m enjoying. Clearly I’m in Work Avoidance Mode, as I haven’t touched a page of paperwork today.

May your weekend be a peaceful one,


  1. Kay in Cornwall says:

    Hello Julie. Those ice shards are amazing, I’ve never seen anything like that before.
    I must admit to some feelings of envy when you spoke about going out to eat at your local Japanese restaurant. Where we live, there is so little choice as regards to eating out. 🙁
    I am wondering if your choice of Netflix programme (Hungry for Change) was a sort of ‘message’ for me. 🙂 However, although watching the trailer was very interesting, what put me off was the fact that the filming was done in beautiful, sunny weather! Here in the UK, it’s usually grey weather, especially at this time of year and I believe that’s part of the reason why we turn to ‘comfort’ food. You know the sort of thing – cottage pie, roast dinners, stew (with dumplings of course) and the famous Cornish pasty. Add to that Alan’s homemade treacle pudding and bread pudding and well, you see the problem! 🙂
    Still, I’ll be very interested to see how you feel after watching the film and if you then intend to follow any or all of the advice given. Please keep us updated.
    Love to you all

  2. Just Julie says:

    Hi Kay, Yes, I’ll let you know what I think after watching the film. Many of the things you mentioned, I’ve never eaten. They sound interesting! Have a blessed week, you two! xxoo

  3. Ginny says:

    I would LOVE to see the food movie! I have had a major change of heart towards food. One month wo/chocolate. A miracle! I am all for no aspartame. Hate hate hate the stuff!!!
    I am sending along a few Seattle things we did. Sleepless in Seattle has a scene filmed in one of the Pike’s Market restaurantes. The original birthplace building of Starbuck’s is right down there also, along with a cabillion other Starbucks all over town. We did The Ducks and I loved it! Our “captain” was goofy! Good way to see the sights and it is right by the Space Needle. I have texted my niece for the name of this restaurant they took us to… Will get back to you on that. We stayed downtown at a hotel and also out by the airport at a Hilton Garden Inn. Downtown was pricey…. The hotel would take us to the rail system to get downtown which was fun. As you can tell, I love Seattle!

  4. Just Julie says:

    I have hated aspartame forever too, Ginny. I think it’s almost poison. I’m thankful for your ideas about Seattle too! Thank you so much… xxoo

  5. connie says:

    What in the word is Farkle? It just sounds like so much fun, I wanna play!
    I love pickled ginger and wasabi, but not sushi. Maybe I ll eat wasabi on my pickled ginger! Haha : ) Im with Michael, I love a good sinus clearing, eye-watering wasabi. It tingles right up my whole scalp!
    And I also was intrigued by the food movie preview. You ll have to write a full review for all of us .
    And now Im going to go check out the bear link and see if those bears look anything like the ones that mosey up and down our street, especially on trash day. We have a mama with 2 cubs and another mama with 1 cub. They are always so much fun to watch but they can leave such a mess when they tip over and pull out everyones trash . Those rascals!

  6. Just Julie says:

    I only care for California Rolls in the sushi department, Connie. I haven’t been brave enough to try all the “raw” fish in so many sushis. The California rolls don’t have raw stuff in them, and are so mild. Farkle is the funnest game! Here’s a link for it… It’s great for kids and adults. Are your bears black bears? They get into trash here too. 🙁 xxoo

  7. Ginny says:

    The restaurant is Thai, called Buddha Ruksa. Best Thai I ever had!

  8. Just Julie says:

    Okay Ginny — I’ll tell Denel, and if she likes Thai food, that’s where we’ll go! Yum… xxoo

  9. Ember says:

    That food video sounds very inspirational! Interested to hear if it is a motivational and transformative as the reviews suggest. xx

  10. Just Julie says:

    I will let you know, Ember! xxoo

  11. Ganeida says:

    Don’t know either movie ~ though Jamie Oliver is just a tad pudgy & not the best advertisement? Lib is quite keen on his food so we’ve sort of followed him over the years. Anything hippie has to be good. lol And I loved watching Lily. All our *bears* live in trees. 🙂

    BtB, I loathe Daylight saving. Silly idea. You want more daylight hours get up earlier! It’s light by 4am here in summer ~ & yes, I do get up then. It’s cool then. 😉

    Japanese food horrifies me. Raw seafood is just disgusting. Any seafood. lol Thank you for letting me rant on your blog.

    I think I am out of sorts. was I ever in sorts? Something to contemplate as I catch up on housework today.

  12. Just Julie says:

    I’m not sure you ranted as much as just covered all the bases, Ganeida! I am feeling out of sorts too. I’m glad the Lord can sort sorts like us out. 🙂 xxoo

  13. Shari C. says:

    What an amazing picture of the ice, Julie! God’s art is so wonderfully awesome, and dangerous…hmmm, kind of like the metaphor of Aslan?!
    I’m like you – I love pickled ginger, but wonder who ever invented wasabi – ick!!
    What fun watching the bear – cam, too! That’s such a great idea 🙂

  14. Just Julie says:

    I like your artist’s take on the lake ice, Shari, and I agree with you on God’s art! Thank you for stopping in and commenting…I check your blog often. 🙂

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