Playlist for a January thaw

January 13, 2010 | My Jottings

We’re feeling chipper in our part of the country because the forecast for the next ten days calls for high temperatures in the 20s and 30s, above zero. For a northern Minnesota January, it would not be out of the question for the forecast to be in the 20s and 30s below zero, so we’re taking notice and giving thanks.

We can go outside and not have to hurry to avoid the pain of 20 below on our skin. We can forget our mittens or gloves and say, “Phhtt! Who needs mittens or gloves in this glorious warm-up?” We can drive our cars without warming them up for ten minutes first. No long underwear, Mukluks or layered dressing is needed, because it’s relatively warm for this part of the country, during this part of the year. It puts a spring in my step.

Not related to the weather at all, I put some new CDs in the stereo today. Here’s our playlist:

I haven’t played any Eden’s Bridge in a while and it’s like an old Irish friend dropping by to sing to me while I do laundry and cut up vegetables.

Michael loves the Modernaires and they make me feel sentimental. This is the music my mother played on the organ, and hummed to herself as she kept our house spotless in the 1960s. Of course I didn’t appreciate this kind of music then and thought she was behind the times, but I’ve grown to appreciate it now, and I love that it makes me think of her.

This is an old recording from the around 1979, I believe. There are two or three songs I remember singing along to as I drove the maze of the crowded LA freeway systems on my way to work. Not sure why I’m revisiting them now, but it’s amazing to me that while I forget where I put this check or that paperwork, I can remember every single lyric on this CD.

I love anything by Sara Groves, but on this new CD the song that gets played the most is “Setting Up the Pins” because my grandchildren love it. When they’re driving in the car with me, it’s one of the first things Clara says, “Grandma, will you please play ‘Setting Up the Pins’?” And then when it’s over she says, “Grandma, would you mind playing that again?” 🙂 And to watch them in the rear view mirror, singing along and already knowing the lyrics, is pretty adorable.

You can watch the music video of Sara Groves and her family (they live in Minnesota) “setting up the pins and knocking them down”, by clicking here.

So….what’s on your playlist lately?


  1. Ginny the computer challenged friend says:

    Nothing rocks my boat like Paul Wilbur singing songs of Israel…stops me in my tracks to worship, compels me to crank the Bose up to explosive and sing like I know how! Yum yum!

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