Nine Random Things

March 7, 2009 | My Jottings

1.   Our office used to be bright yellow with lots of dark stained wood trim, and as of this week is now a soothing, light aqua blue with lots of creamy white trim.

2.   I made the best batch of guacamole I’ve ever tasted yesterday (will share the recipe if anyone would like it).

3.   I love Google Earth (have you looked at Mt. Everest, Lake Superior or even your own house with it yet? Scary, but so fascinating…)

4.   The temps were in the lower forties this week, so I wore my Birkenstocks outside.

5.   I am looking for a part-time employee who loves organizing paperwork.

6.   I’m reading the first novel I’ve ever read on my new Kindle (Enchanted April).

7.   I believe my seven grandchildren are the funniest, smartest, sweetest, most interesting people I’ve ever met.

8.   Michael and I think the book of Acts is very exciting reading.

9.   When I daydream, I think of living in a small house with a stone fireplace, of walking down a winding, wooded path in autumn, of yearly visiting the Highlands of Scotland, flocks of cardinals in my yard, deep blue Minnesota lakes, naps by a friendly fire, teaching, finally learning how to pray, the kindness in my husband’s eyes, experiencing a deep peace and abiding joy, and being still, so I can know He is God.

What are your nine random things? Or seven random things? Or three?

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  1. Deb says:

    Hi Julie! Enjoyed reading your random comments. Here are mine.
    1. I like to be sleeping at 5:55 in the morning!
    2. I think nothing beats the smell of line dried clothes!
    3. My little dog Daisy is so much fun.
    4. I wore my Birkenstocks to Petco yesterday.
    5. I’m enjoying watching my daughter set up her new home. She is so talented artistically.
    6. I might have to challenge you to a guacamole “cook-off”!
    7. I want a Kindle.
    8. My walls are recently transformed from alabaster white to barely beige.
    9. My perfect daydream place would be on a dock, sitting in my lounge chair listening to the sound of loons and the water, and hopefully nothing else.

  2. Carolyn says:

    1. I am looking at a 5 year old boy in superman pajamas who also happens to be wearing a storm trooper helmet.
    2. I am SO jealous of your Kindle!
    3. I wish women still wore hats.
    4. I have ugly fingernails.
    5. I have good intentions regarding exercise which I never follow through with.

  3. To Carolyn, Julie says:

    1. I love that boy.
    2. You may borrow my Kindle.
    3. You should wear them anyway, they suit you beautifully.
    4. I never thought so.
    5. No one could guess that.

  4. Sharon says:


    1. Today my youngest (and last) child is two. She says, “I two, I two” and attempts to hold up only two fingers. But it’s usually four. She has wavy dark hair and a chubby tummy.

    2. I love J. Jill and wish I had an extra $1000 to buy clothes there.

    3. There is a weird smell in my house right now.

    4. I have a turquoise iPod Nano. I download music and then play the iPod on a docking station.

    5. My car desperately needs to be cleaned.

    6. My son is probably going to be like 6’9″.

    7. My face is aging rapidly. I will soon need to get Botox.

    8. My favorite Mr. Rogers quote is: “God is up to the task, therefore so are you.”

    9. I am reading a Swedish crime novel.

  5. Elizabeth says:


    1. I’m visiting your blog for the very first time today. I popped over from The Pioneer Woman.

    2. I have to do a google search and find out what a *Kindle* is.

    3. We had several inches of snow on the ground still yesterday morning. It was gone by last night. Today, it was nearly 80 degrees.

    4. I’m researching and considering a “Victory Garden”.

    5. I bought three new pair of jeans last month, to replace three that had worn out. The three older pairs were all at least 10 years old. Does that count as frugal?

    6. I’m very new to blogging, and am still trying to figure out how to make my blog less plain.

    7. I painted my toenails today, since I was wearing sandals.

    8. If I lived near you, I’d apply for your organizer position. I’m an accountant slash newly-turned-stay-at-home-mom slash soon-to-be-homeschooler-mom.

    9. Rarely does a day pass that I do not learn something new.

    Wow! I wasn’t sure I could do that. Yeah! That was a fun exercise…now I’m off to find out about Kindle. See ya!

  6. Dorothy Sooter says:

    1. I followed Elizabeths advice and went to google to find out what a Kindle was. Glad you have it Julie, do you think your dad would have liked something like that? He read five books a week and was usually watching a sporting event while he read.

    2. Missed Church today cause I am fighting off a cold and think the only reason I do not have it is cause I put vicks on my feet at night and then put socks on.

    3. I am trying to talk myself into going out and pulling weeds. The area is so small it should not take long and it is a beautiful day outside.

    4. I love reading all of the comments on your blog Julie, thanks again for doing something so meaningful to me.

    5. Sharon, Carolyn and Sara, please know that you are all in
    my prayers and I miss you.

    6. Going to go pull those weeds, need the fresh air. Love, Dorothy

  7. Tauni says:

    1. I am very, very happy for the first time in about 25 years
    2. I have an insane addiction to anything Thomas Kinkade
    3. I have a book co-authored by Thomas Kinkade that he has signed
    4. I have a personal letter from Thomas Kinkade
    5. I have met Thomas Kinkade AND shook his hand (I told you I was addicted)!
    6. I already knew what a Kindle was ~ Jules, how do you like it?
    7. I wore sandles on Saturday and did not paint my toenails
    8. I am more and more in love with Jesus every day
    9. My daydream place is ~ you guessed it ~ in any Thomas Kinkade painting!

  8. Rob Franck says:

    I just read a review of kindle 2 a review of the Kindle 2 at Is yours a 2? I’d love to see it.

  9. Just Julie says:

    Yes, it is a Kindle 2! I read the reviews of the first owners of the Kindle 1, and decided to take their advice and wait until the 2 came out. It’s pretty amazing…

  10. Jessica says:

    Hi Julie…is there still time to enter???

    Okay, 9 random things… I hope I haven’t said these before..

    1) I am extremely restless when it comes to hair styles. I think I need to invest in wigs…I want it short. Then long. Then short. Etc.

    2)I often use reading as a personal reward system…if I get a certain amount of work done then I can read for a set amount of minutes.

    3)I am often sleep deprived because I stayed up too late reading the night before.

    4)I have my ears pierced 7 times (3 in one, 4 in the other) and my nose pierced once. I think I am done piercing my body. But you never really do know.

    5)I have one tatoo and I know I am not done tatooing my body.

    6)I have a dream of learning to write grants and then starting a grant writing business.

    7)I really want to go back to school to get my Masters Degree

    8)I long to travel all over the world.

    9)I am totally disgusted by feet. Except those on babies and small children.

    And Julie, I would love your guacomole recipe (or just your guacamole). I love it and have not mastered making it. Any help would be appreciated!!!!

  11. Ronda B says:

    1. I always eat M & M’s in pairs after they have been sorted by color.
    2.I have always wanted to be a cosmetologist.
    3. I love to organize things and if I lived closer to you would love your part-time job.
    4. I feel anxious these days as soon our son will be off to college. (Is that normal?)
    5. I’m looking for new employment.
    6. I love to read your blog. You should be a writer.
    7. I wish I took more chances.
    8. I always set my alarm for an odd number like 7:37 am or 6:57 am or 6:33 am
    9. I can’t wait to read what you write next!

  12. Eileen says:

    1. My bedroom is painted a very peaceful color – river rock blue.
    2. I desperately want to paint my living room a warm golden color but the temperatures outside are far too cold to open the windows for fresh air while painting.
    3. I love being at home and taking care of my family more now than ever before.
    4. It is fun to watch my children play pioneers (aprons, bonnets, cowboy hats, baskets and camping gear everywhere)
    5. I want to finish knitting the blue sock I started knitting more than one year ago but I don’t understand the instructions.
    6. My favorite time to pray is when God wakes me up really early in the morning and the house is very quiet.
    7. I dream of remodeling my little kitchen and hosting gourmet dinners for friends in my back yard.
    8. I recently started sewing clothes for a doll named Elizabeth.
    9. This is my most favorite blog site.

  13. Ginny the computer challenged friend says:

    I think every thought I have is random!
    I know the thing is over, but this is fun anyway…
    1. I want to start planting a little bit each day, starting NOW, instead of the back breaking 3 day rush I have facing me starting the last day of May.
    2. I am trying to dream up a way to get my dad to go IN the toilet before I have to empty the first commode load… way too much info for most, I am sure…
    3. My swing has been wooing me to come and sit in it… why should I allow a snow bank to stop me.
    4. Will this be the year that I actually follow through and take many, or even one, walk on the Lakewalk?
    5. We were able to trudge through the snow and get to the bird feeder to fill it up and within 15 minutes, the birds showed up… how do they know?
    6. Sandals! Means I have to drag out the razor and shave my legs! The extra “fur” keeps me warm, ya know! Painted toenails are an absolute must!
    7. Is coloring my hair going to give me brain damage? LORD knows I can’t afford that!
    8. If I had to do a survival thing, just how would I do? Could I keep it together?
    9. Do I dehydrate faster when I have I have a cold and am producing so much mucus?

  14. Just Julie says:

    You are hilarious, Ginny. 🙂

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