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November 2, 2018 | My Jottings

I was walking alone in the cemetery this morning, watching the mallard couples swim around in the ponds. I looked at the Canada geese flying overhead, honking as they flapped, and wondered where their energy comes from for them to do that. If I had to honk forcefully with each step I took, I think I’d get tired pretty quickly. Yet they fly miles and miles and miles, doing just that.

I watched a gaggle of white and grey geese I call “The Ladies” bathe themselves in one of the ponds, literally turning themselves upside down in the water while orange feet paddled the air. And it made me laugh out loud and brought such delight.

As I approached a group of sitting mallards, they all rose slowly to their feet and waded into the pond, away from me. I had never noticed that each one of them, emerald-headed males and plainly-colored females, quickly swished or wagged their tail feathers from side to side for a couple of seconds as soon as they hit the water. Every single one I saw did this. I got tears in my eyes because I thought of the design behind such things. And I thought how wondrous it is that God thought up and tended to so many details in this world and universe that would delight us. Gave most of us eyes to see the beauty and intricacy, and the capacity to appreciate it.

Then, after walking only one mile, I played this song in my car on the way home, and my soul and spirit elevated into the sky and I pondered the truth of these words, and praised the Lord out loud, amazed at His mercy toward me.

Do you know this song by Rend Collective? In case you didn’t, I wanted to find the video with the lyrics…

Is there a song you’ve listened to lately that lifts you? Helps you to marvel, or to trust God a little more, or to go on for one more day? There are too many of these songs for me to list, but today this is the one God used to calibrate my thoughts and remind me that He will see me safely to shore.

May you feel His care and see His light today,


  1. Kay in Kernow says:

    Hello Julie
    It’s true that when we walk with our eyes (and spiritual eyes) open we can see the wondrous beauty of God’s amazing handiwork.
    I’m a fan of Rend Collective’s music. One of my favourites is ‘Build Your Kingdom Here’ because we live in an area known for occult practices and we need His light in our neighbourhood.
    Also, I love the Irish/Celtic/Folksy beat.

  2. Just Julie says:

    I am just getting to know Rend Collective, Kay, although I have friends who have loved them for years. I’m a little slow sometimes. Picturing you and your loves in God’s love and care today…. xoxo

  3. Pen Wilcock says:

    I love that song! Thanks for posting it xx

  4. Nancy says:

    It is indeed uplifting. Thank you for sharing. A song recommended to me is called God Beyond All Names by Bernadette Farrell It sounds celtic

  5. Just Julie says:

    Thank you Ember and Nancy! I’m going to go listen to that song now, Nancy. Love to you both.

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