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January 26, 2010 | My Jottings

I occasionally read a blog of a woman in Texas who I think is very funny. Today I looked at her blog and she has a link to another blogger who gives a tutorial on how to properly and easily fold a fitted sheet. I realized after watching this video that I have never correctly folded a fitted sheet, and it’s so much easier than I thought it was.

To learn A) if you have been folding your fitted sheets correctly, B) if you have been folding your fitted sheets incorrectly, or C) if you’re slightly curious how others fold their fitted sheets, please click right here.

Some of us (as the funny Texas blogger says) have always folded sheets by another popular method – by rolling them up into a ball and stuffing them at the back of the closet. That works too.

But I think you might be surprised how easy this is, and how flat the sheet lays after she folds it. This would definitely create space in a linen closet.

After I put up this post I might tune in to the live Den Cam of Lily the Bear to see if I can hear her little cub making its heart-wrenching little bear cub sounds as the snow falls on her mama’s behind.

After that I might take a nap.

I wish.

So now I would like to ask you two questions.

1. How have you always folded your fitted sheets?
2. Did this little video demonstration change the way you’ll be folding your fitted sheets?

My answers are:

1. I tried but it never turned out well – always a little messy.
2. Yes.

I’m compiling a study and need your answers.

Thank you,


  1. Kay says:

    1) I thought I was doing alright with my fitted sheets….a little lumpy, but alright.

    2) I plan to leave work early today, go home, pull all of the fitted sheets out of my linen closet, throw them in the dryer to warm them, and re-fold them correctly.

    (not really…but it was a great video!!)

  2. Jessica says:

    1) One time I watched a Martha Stewart video on how to fold a fitted sheet. I tried and tried, and hollered and perhaps said some un-lady-like things and decided that there were more important things in life than a perfectly folded fitted sheet. I promptly rolled it into a ball and stuffed it into the back of the linen closet. I have proceeded to do this ever since. And every time I do it, I hate it.

    2) Upon viewing this video I had several reactions: a)that woman is funny and I must check out the rest of her blog, b)I am frightened that I immediately understood the hamburger/hot dog illustration and c)I will now give another shot at attempting to fold a fitted sheet. Conveniently, I have an overnight guest right now so when he leaves tomorrow I will wash the bed linens with more excitement and anticipation than I normally feel at this activity.

    I will let you know how it turns out.

  3. Carolyn says:

    That is interesting.
    However, I want to know what good it does mankind, a family, a person, to spend time folding fitted sheets into perfect squares? All you are going to do is stick them away in a closet where no one will see them until you decide to take it out, UNFOLD it, lay on it and soil it. So where’s the importance, I beg you?

  4. Just Julie says:

    I’m not sure folding a fitted sheet would do mankind or a family a lot of good. But if my fitted sheets looked like that, I think it just might settle my nerves a little. 🙂 Who did that sound like?

  5. Tauni says:

    I can’t believe it, I fold all my fitted sheets the EXACT same way she demonstrated! AND, I thought of it all by myself when I was about 16 years old (which was a long time ago!). Truthfully, Carolyn, they do take up less space in the linen closet this way 🙂 ! As I was always trying to stuff one more thing in there it did come in handy. Glad to know I was doing it correctly all these years! So, answers to your questions are 1) the same way she demonstrated, and 2) no, I will not be changing the way I do the task.

    Must admit, she was funny. I might check out her blog too.

  6. Susan Denney says:

    Oh my gosh! I have ALWAYS hated folding sheets, they always turn out very rumpled looking. To avoid the sheet folding, I typically wash the sheets and put them immediately back on whatever bed I am washing, no folding. However, I do have some spare sheets lurking in the back of my closet, I’m sure they are embarrassed at the way they are tossed in there. I will be refolding them (just to make sure I know how) and enjoying the way they stack up! Thank you Julie for the informational video!

  7. Sharon says:

    You mean there’s a way to FOLD them? Here I’ve been crumpling them into a ball…

  8. Rob Franck says:

    That’s one funny video. By the way, that’s the way my mom taught me to fold my fitted sheets. But I haven’t folded a sheet in probably 19 years. I iron my pajamas, but wife folds the sheets.

  9. Just Julie says:

    You. Iron. Your. Pajamas? I’m so interested to learn why you do. Will you share, Rob? 🙂

  10. Pat says:

    I went right upstairs and folded a queen size fitted sheet as mine always look like a rumpled ball. I can’t say it looked exactly like hers (mine still looked a bit bulky) but I told myself that it’s because they are queen sized and flannel! It was definitely an improvement, though I don’t think I would get Martha Stewart’s approval…

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