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August 17, 2020 | My Jottings

20091014082310_0_Fireflies_and_SongsThis is a repost from the archives…. I still love this song so much.

I’ve shared before on the blog how much I love the music of Sara Groves. And if you’ve visited here for long you know that I often like to let the words of one song speak to me over and over again, especially a song rooted in scriptural truths and encouragement.

I don’t know of any other artists (with perhaps the exception of Bob Bennett) whose music so represents many of my own thoughts and feelings. Sometimes when I listen to Sara Groves, it’s like she has eavesdropped on my heart and penned the words I would have written if I had the gift of songwriting.

Most of you know that cardinals are my favorite bird, for very good reason. If you’d like to know why, you could click here to learn more about it.

Recently I went back to listen to some Sara Groves music, in particular the song “From This One Place.” She wrote and sang this piece about a dark, fearful time, and a cardinal outside her window. I have cardinals all over the inside of my house to remind me of God’s love and faithfulness during a dark and fearful time in my own life many years ago.

I’m so thankful that even when we don’t see much happening in answer to our prayers, He is still at work. He promises. I’m so grateful that when we’re in the dark and can’t see clearly, God sees “something else.”

I thought I would share this beautiful song with you. Make sure your speakers are turned up a little bit, and click on the dark red song title below. I don’t think it works on phones. Then once the little player opens, click on the play arrow and you can read the lyrics as you listen to the song:

“From This One Place” by Sara Groves

I was about to give up and that’s no lie
Cardinal landed outside my window
Threw his head back and sang a song
So beautiful it made me cry
Took me back to a childhood tree
Full of birds and dreams

From this one place I can’t see very far
In this one moment I’m square in the dark
These are the things I will trust in my heart
You can see something else
Something else

I don’t know what’s making me so afraid
Tiny cloud over my head
Heavy and grey with a hint of dread
And I don’t like to feel this way
Take me back to a window seat
With clouds beneath my feet

From this one place I can’t see very far
In this one moment I’m square in the dark
These are the things I will trust in my heart
You can see something else
Something else

From this one place I can’t see very far
In this one moment I’m square in the dark
These are the things I will trust in my heart
You can see something else
You can see…

Words and music by Sara Groves

*     *     *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *     *     *

How about you? What do you remember, what do you do, what do you cling to, when you’re feeling “square in the dark?” Is there a verse that you go back to? A friend you call? Do you take to your bed? Do you bake? Do you operate on autopilot? Do you put on music?

I know a lot of people in the dark right now, even though they’re devout believers. Maybe something you share could help someone else. You may even post a comment and keep it anonymous if you like.

Thank you so much for reading…

Waiting with you,


  1. Kay in Cornwall says:

    Oh Julie, this music made me cry even though I thought I’d run out of tears.
    My usual response to big problems is to worry myself sick.
    But what’s helping me most at the moment while I’m feeling ‘square in the dark’ is praise music.
    On Saturday when I felt like my head was going to explode with all the problems mounting up against me I played my favourite Matt Redman CD. I believe in the words that he sings with all my heart, but I couldn’t join in and sing along like I usually do. I let my grief flow out while letting the biblical truths in his songs pour over me.
    That was on Saturday.
    Today, I’m in a much better place. As you know, my daughter is also in a ‘dark place’ and her faith and confidence in God is proving to be such a blessing and help to me. This morning I told God that even if the worse thing I could imagine happening in my life did actually happen (and I’ve felt that this could have happened over the past few days) then I KNOW that He would bring me through. I’m sensible enough to know that I would suffer so much pain, but He will lift me up.
    In the past when I’ve been stressed I’ve always turned to food. This time, I’ve turned to God and that is a good thing coming out of bad things. I’ve also had more nervous energy and I’ve been doing extra housework while only having less than three hours sleep a night. But,last night I slept well and that is a good sign that I’m relaxing and letting God be in charge.
    This morning Alan phoned me and told me that they might be discharging him from hospital two days earlier than originally intended. This might sound like good news, but if I bring him home tomorrow, then I will have to take him back on Friday for another treatment. This sounds crazy to us, moving him around in his fragile and vulnerable condition to save one extra day’s stay in hospital! We have prayed that the doctors would see sense. As much as I desperately miss him and want him home at my side, I don’t want him to have any chance of relapse. Would you please pray that when he does come home, he will continue to heal without any regression.
    Well, I think I’ve almost written a blog post of my own! 🙂 I hope what I’ve written will help others. I am a wimp of the highest order, but I can see and feel God working in me. So if He will do it for me, I believe He will do it for all who turn to Him.
    I send my love to, and ask God to bless, anyone reading this who is in a ‘dark place’.

  2. Just Julie says:

    I do pray that whatever time Alan comes home, he will be protected from further bleeds and will heal. I love the Matt Redman song “Blessed be the name of the Lord”….there is such strength and comfort in singing/proclaiming what is true, isn’t there Kay? We send our love and prayers your way, dear friend…. xoxo

  3. Diane says:

    Kay–and Julie,

    I don’t know you, Kay, except through our dear Julie’s blog, but may God continue to bear you up, guide you and comfort you in your service to your beloved.

    In response to your question, Julie, I have experienced God opening a little door in my stone wall during such times through a tiny moment in which I can sing. When my own heart is full of terror and in that terror, I confess, dark, faithless cursing, He has come to me saying quietly “you can sing, right now, if you just open your mouth–and I will be there.” Jehovah Shammah.

    May God sustain us, each, through his Holy Spirit.



  4. Just Julie says:

    Diane. My tears fall as I read this. I so understand. We walk together as we depend on Him. Love you all, Julie xoxoxo

  5. Kay in Cornwall says:

    Thank you Diane. 🙂

  6. sue raimo says:

    I too, only know Kay from her comments on your blog, but I feel that we could be good friends. I join her in praying for Alan and her other concerns.

    One of the verses that I am memorizing is John 1:5 The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.

    Everyday God brings some light into my darkness. Most days I notice it – but not all. So one of the things I do is expect light and look for it. Sara Groves song today was that light for me.

    Two other things are currently helping: 1) To begin each day with the proclamation that when I am weak, He IS strong! and 2) To believe Jesus when He said “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…and do not be anxious about tomorrow.

  7. Just Julie says:

    What you shared ministered to me in my own situation, Sue. I wish the people that gather here could really gather face to face someday… That would be a taste of heaven, before heaven. May His light flood your day today, dear friend! xoxo

  8. Kay in Cornwall says:

    Thank you Sue. I heard from Alan a couple of hours ago and he should be coming home tomorrow. But it seems that we will have to make daily trips to the hospital for treatment for quite a few days after he comes home. He is not out of the woods yet.

    Another song that is going through my head a lot is ‘Who is there like you?’ by Stuart Townsend. I particularly like the line: ‘For Your power at work in me is changing me.’ I believe that God is indeed changing me!

  9. Tauni says:

    I will add to the prayers for Kay, all of us actually, and echo much of what has been documented here. I have had many dark days as you know. Praise music & God’s word was/is my go-to. Back at the beginning we did not have any Christian radio stations and at that time our church passed out the words to the music we were singing at our services. I kept those sheets and would pray those words when words failed me, which was often back then. All I ever listen to now is praise and worship music. About a year ago, almost 30 years after the darkest days I have experienced when God spoke so personally to me through that music, I experienced one of the most incredible very powerful and personal moments with God in the midst of a thousand people at my church. All those songs I clung to so desperately were played at our worship service one right after another and I heard God’s voice telling me ever so lovingly but very clearly, “See I told you I would not let you go. I told you I would be your light, I would guide you in the dark. You can trust me.” I probably sobbed for the rest of the service it was so powerful. Praise and worship music has always been such a personal communication between God & I. There is always something that helps me convey my heart and allows me to hear God’s voice when there is static on the line. “Blessed be the Name of the Lord” is one of my absolute favorites ~ pretty much anything Matt Redmond does actually 🙂 ! Kay, know that God is very near, knows of your fears and hears your heart’s cries. Praise God in this process and He will meet you and Alan right where you are. Phil 4:13 is my go to when things are so difficult & I have no strength left. It is the scripture that never fails! Jules ~ thanks for bringing us all together, even as we don’t “know” each other we really do when we meet in our Father’s House, in this case, this blog. I am grateful for that and all that gather here! Thank you for sharing Kay ~ be encouraged by what you read here ~ we all want to “love on you”!

  10. Kay in Cornwall says:

    Tauni,last year I heard a sermon on Phil 4:13 that really helped me to understand that verse. We were told to take careful note of the preceeding verses that told of Paul’s sufferings. Even in the hardest of times Paul knew that he could overcome them through Christ who strengthened him. It became clear to me that ‘I can do all things’ actually meant ‘I can overcome all things’.
    During this tough time, Alan and I have been buoyed up by the prayers and actions of God’s people both here and abroad. We have been so blessed and I have felt my faith in God growing stronger and deeper. I have been truly blessed by my friendship with Julie, and your beautiful words have helped comfort me no end. Thank you.
    On a wonderful, positive note – Alan came home yesterday! He still needs more treatment, but it’s so GOOD to have him here beside me. And my daughter Louisa, who is having such an awful time, is a shining example of trusting and relying on God.
    There is ‘a new song in my mouth’ testifying to God’s grace.

  11. Just Julie says:

    Thank you Tauni and Kay! It warms my heart to read the loving, faith-filled, transparent comments here. Hugs for you both…. xoxo

  12. Ganeida says:

    Hugs & prayers for both you & Kay, Julie.

    Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

    The Hebrew word for joy here is hedvah, which is not the usual one used but * Hedvah is a noun derived from the verb hadah. The consonants are chet-dalet-hey. The picture is “behold, a door in the fence.” Jesus is the door & our joy.

    I know things are really hard just now but the joy of the Lord is your strength because it is His joy & His gift to you.

  13. Just Julie says:

    Thank you Ganeida…I LOVE learning the meanings of words in any language. But to know what this kind of joy means really touched me today. I am going to hang on to this thought, this reality — Jesus is my door, and my joy. Yes. Bless you… xoxox

  14. connie says:

    I also, join in praying for you both. Two years verses that help me in times of struggles are Isaiah 41:13 ” I am holding you by your right hand….do not be afraid. I am here to help you.” And Isaiah 43:18-19 “Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder the things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth, will you not be aware of it? I will even make streams in the desert and pathways in the wilderness.” I love the clear, simple comfort of the first verse. Holding my hand so I’m not alone, and the promise of help. In the second verse it reminds me not to focus or ruminate on what has happened before, but to watch for the new thing. I sometimes get too caught up in assuming what will happen and stop anticipating a miracle or provision, or whatever I am needing from God. I love the part where He makes a way where it looks like there’s none. I am praying for streams in your deserts and pathways in your wildernesses, dear friends, who I havent met yet.

  15. Just Julie says:

    What comforting, beautiful verses, Connie. Thank you so much for what you’ve shared here…I love the thought of friends we haven’t met still being so very dear. As you are to me…really almost family since we love the same person so much. 🙂 xoxo

  16. Ginny says:

    A precious Godly woman many of us know, Carlene, who has moved on to her heavenly home, shared a deep revelation with me years ago and I hope I never forget it…
    Carlene had lost two husbands, one to a tragic drowning and the second dear man, died from cancer. In her darkest time of despair when she cried out to God, He spoke these words to her…“give to others what you need most right now, in your despair”.
    She told me it was the hardest thing she had ever done, but she knew God’s voice and that this was His answer of help for her…
    It was not easy. She was in the midst of tremendous grief and depression, but she asked the perfect question…How do I do it? That question that invites God in to change our life….
    Her hardest time was Sunday after church because she and Roy would ask God to show them who to invite for lunch, either at their home or at a restaurant. It was their ministry of hospitality that was such a blessing and this dear woman lived to serve! She felt that had died with Roy and she was so lonely.
    God gave her the idea to start asking people at church if they wanted to go out for lunch after the service. This was what SHE had needed… someone to do this for HER, to fill that empty sad time.
    It started out slowly with just one or two. She still had to deal with the despair and grief and doing this half-heartedly. But God is so faithful and I watched over the following months her new After Church Lunch Group grow and a whole new ministry arise out of the ashes of her despair and grief. Yes she still had loneliness and grief, but the healing had begun.
    I have applied this to my life so many times when I have felt overwhelmed with sadness and despair. I have asked myself “what is it I need right now”, God has been faithful to identify it and then I have asked the Lord to show me how and whose life I can sow into.
    My flesh still has to put in its two cents and whines “yah, but whaddabout ME!?”. I am all too familiar with my flesh and its whining, but I hunger more for the Voice of the Lover of my Soul who has my best interest at heart….
    Just somethin’ to think about….

  17. Just Julie says:

    Thank you for reminding me of our dear Carlene. She was a truly amazing woman, and didn’t she give us some of the funniest, best memories of our lives??! What you wrote here was a blessing, Ginny. Very powerful truth. You have taken up her mantle for sure. xoxo

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