Bunny Bereavement

May 20, 2009 | My Jottings

They’re gone. All six tiny bunnies have disappeared and I can’t bear to think that they might have been eaten. The hole has been empty for a couple of days now, and the most tragic part is the mother has been looking for them.

I’ve watched her show up and look at the empty nest, and then hop a few feet away and just sit. Waiting. Watching. At one point the other evening she actually laid down on her side on the grass near the garden, like a dog stretches out to rest, waiting for her children to show up.

The mother rabbit was back yesterday checking the nest, but all six babies were still missing. She sat there quietly, wiggling her nose and looking off into the distance.

The bunnies were too young to have all just decided to start their own lives somewhere else without letting mom know. Something happened to them, and it’s almost more than I can bear, even though I realize that this is just life in the animal world. I know that people are starving all over the planet, families are hurting, jobs have been lost, lives are being torn apart. As slightly irrational as it is, I’m so sad for this mother bunny. I may be ascribing more to her “emotional state” than is really there, but it wrenches my heart to have seen her faithfully caring for her young, and now to see that they’re all gone.

I’m glad I didn’t witness whatever it was that happened to them. I kept seeing crows casually walking around in our yard, and I knew they were up to no good. Is a crow ever up to any good? Do you know any crows who are given to kind and philanthropic deeds? I didn’t think so.

I know crows are part of God’s creation, but today I detest them anyway.


  1. Kay says:

    My condolences!!
    Just a passing thought though (in defense of the crows) If the bunnies were killed by crows, it seems that there would be remains. Perhaps a dog found the warren and carried them off. I had a lab that did just that…carried off the babies and killed them one by one. Very sad all the same. Sorry.

  2. Ronda B says:

    We witnessed a very similar scene at our house a few years back. The bunnies were born just under our rose bush, under our bay window. We were able to get a view anytime we wanted without disturbing them. We felt blessed that they picked our rose bush as their home and we watched over them as they grew. We felt the same sadness you describe as we saw some of their remains amongst our yard. We were left to wonder what happened to the rest that went unaccounted for.

    We also were blessed with a family of ducks that made a home right under the bay window as well. They were protected by another bush. We marveled at the way the mother would come and turn the eggs and sit on the nest for hours. We watched patiently each day waiting for the chicks arrival. Soon there were 6 little babies. They were so fuzzy and cute. We were very sad when we watched the mother walk with them across our yard into the neighbor’s yard then the next neighbor’s yard in search of the water. It felt like we were losing a part of our family. We hoped they would come back each year as we heard they often do. Now a new bush has been planted and is waiting for a new family.

  3. Deb says:

    Good morning Julie,
    I’m sorry about the bunnies too. There is something deep in our core that is especially protective of babies, no matter their species. I’m reminded of my neighbor’s determined efforts last spring to keep the only survivor of a litter of baby skunks alive. She watched over the sweet little ball of black and white fluff for two days. She even designed a shelter made from a colander. I watched from the sidelines, encouraged her in her endeavor and took a few pictures. On the third the baby was gone. I don’t know if it wandered off to parts unknown or if the pine marten who had been seen stalking the area got it. Dean was glad our little visitor was gone as he was sure it had rabies! It is, in many ways, a cruel world!

  4. Jessica says:

    That is so horrible!!! I feel so terrible for that mama bunny, I could just cry! I do!

  5. Ginny the computer challenged friend says:

    My goodness! I am sure I saw them all at TJ MAX looking at purses… that is where all the little bunnies go and they NEVER tell their mom where they are…
    Sorry… I am not a huge animal lover (I mean they are okay and all) but, I definitely would wear a lovely fur coat if given one…
    pleeeeze don’t hate me!

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